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Hsv1 doesn't like genitals ?

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I have been reading info saying it's less likely to come back after first OB. Or maybe never?I have been reading some blogs before this and have seen where people wrote they have had a lot of ob none stop from hsv1 .Has anyone out there been dealing with hsv1 genital as a on going problem or was it more of a one a done thing?that I pray for in my case. I was told my nana had same thing happen at 45 and has never seen anything else. Thanks for any info. "I'm trying to move forward only way to go"

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Well, just like anything else to do with the human body, everyone's body has a different way of dealing with any disease, infection, or condition. So much has to do with the person's immune system at the time of infection. Some has to do with attitude. There's even a chance that there's a genetic component here.


*On Average* - most people seem to have fewer OB's with GHSV1 than with GHSV2. How it will show up for YOU remains to be seen. The more you stress, the more you open the door for herpes to keep coming up. It's the #1 trigger for OB's. You can also clean up your diet, and maintain good hygiene/clothing habits (ie, keep it clean, DRY, and don't wear a lot of tight clothing). You can try things like L-Lysine and other supplements mentioned in the links I gave you to see if they help you. Those things help some better than others, likely because those things were lacking/out of balance in THEM ... so you have to experiment to see what works for you.


Bottom line - we can't tell you how many OB's YOU will have every year, nor how severe they will be ... only time will tell... but take steps to help your body to deal with it, and odds are they will be minimized ;)

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I had my first outbreak this past march and havent had anything since. I have however had prodromes every now and then, but I would just take extra antivirals and the outbreak would never show up. Not sure how it would have gone without the antivirals but as of now I have only had that one outbreak and its been almost a year.

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well I do have H1 oral since over 20 years and the chance to get it genital was just by 2 percent but I was one of the unlucky ones of that statistic :( . Usually people with H1 have less issues but it always deepens on your immune system. I had quit a lot of issues in the last years but that's because I have a auto immune sickness, if you are usually a healthy person you shouldn't have to much problem with it...cant promise you that it will not come back but maybe you lucky and your body deal with it quit well.....you will need to be patient and see what will happen in the next month. Try to stay healthy and to live not to stressfully live ,then you should be fine.

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