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Is this an oral herpes outbreak?

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Hi all,


Just curious to know if I may be having or might be about to have an oral outbreak? I woke up this morning and noticed a small blister on my top lip. It is now lunch time and the blister is gone. . . Could this be a sign of more to come or does anybody else have the occasional event like this? I am not having any tingling or pain though my lips have been exceptionally dry in this weather.

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I just recently have got a lesion like cut on the corner of my mouth and two zit like sores.. I'm curious on if it might be HSV or not. I'm wondering if I could of gave myself oral HSV. If you could help me out that would be very much appreciated.


My mind is all over the place, I find myself over thinking and stressing out.

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I occasionally have sores pop up in my mouth when I eat to much candy such as peppermint. This happened a couple wks ago. I freaked out. And the week before that I was drinking 3 or 4 fruit juices a day and it done it again. The sores didnt last long bc I would gargle 3% hydrogen peroxide.. By the end of the day they were gone. Hope this helps..

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Hello and Welcome!


So - do you already have herpes elsewhere? If not, you can't "give yourself" herpes. Now, it's entirely possible you have had oral HSV1 since childhood and not known it (60% of young people have oral herpes by the time they are young adults).


If you have genital HV2, it's highly unlikely you passed it to your mouth ... only 1% of all oral herpes is H2 because it really doesn't like it there.


Now, it's *possible* that it's herpes and it's *possible* it's either chapped lips or (as @cwmj said) it could be a reaction to food ... I have HSV1 orally and I often get non-H irritation from certain foods......


Best thing is to get it swabbed if you are really concerned... if it IS oral H, you just joined the 80% of the population with it ... it's really not a biggie ... you just need to be cautious about oral sex ... never perform if you have any cuts or irritation ... tho if your partner already gets cold sores then they have *some* immunity to it anyway ;)

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While it's *possible* ... it's very unlikely .... you already have the antibodies to it and it would be really, REALLY hard to transfer enough virus to the mouth my hand to get it up there... you already have the antibodies and you need a big enough viral load to enable it to take hold which usually would mean direct contact of the mouth to the genitals ... so unless you are REALLY flexible, I would guess you have something else going on ;)

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