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So, Christmas Break is here and I'm ready to distribute my pamphlets and I couldn't be more excited. I do need to revise and edit some because I decided to put my story in a short summary so people don't feel so alone if they do have it. Should I put a small picture of me??? I have my first appointment with my obgyn in morning, to get this baby checked out, so I am going to leave some in the lobby and with their receptionist to handout. It's really important that we get the message across that we are not alone and everything will be o.k. in time.

My partner has stepped out of the picture unfortunately. He decided that he's not up to being a dad and I think the shock of having HSV has scared him away. I spoke with his mother and she says it's o.k. He'll come around and I'm like, ughhh, no...that's o.k. I found out that he had an outbreak similar to mine a couple years back but he left the hospital because he got so scared of what the doctors were going to tell him. So it's unfortunate that now seeing it in writing has completely terrified him. I told him that I understood and when he was ready to call, even though I'm pissed, I understand. And as far as me being pregnant, I'm not worried because I know I have my head on straight to to do what I need to do to prepare the little bundle of joy that's in the oven :) (keep fingers crossed for a boy ppl! if it's A girl, that's cool...BUT I WANT A BOY!!!:))

The only hard part about all this so far has been talking about it. I think the only time I ever get a positive answer or correct one, is on this site. Because there are so many misconceptions regarding HSV and it is complicating to a lot of people. There are a lot of things that I still don't understand or don't think there are answers to. It's not easy having these conversations with people face to face. But I'm really happy that we can share this experience with one another. I honestly don't know how I would have ended this year if it weren't for you guys....I'm weeping bc I just feel like I love all of you for being so Damn Nice! It's a beautiful thing. I hope everyone had a good day and has a goodnight:D

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Wow! I'm so proud of you for stepping up with the pamphlets! As for the photo, it's up to you ... if you are ok being totally out to anyone and everyone, then go for it! Putting a face to these things helps to make it more "real" for people .... to see that beautiful people can get this thing. ;)


As for your partner ... too bad - he bought into the stigma, put his head in the sand, and now it's come back to haunt him in a much bigger way.... AND it lost him a relationship with a beautiful woman and his child. Too bad. I hope he at least has some part in the child's life ... that would redeem him in some way... but at least you saw how he deals with "bad news" ...


You are doing a great thing .... for you, your child (changing how people relate to herpes in the future) and for others..... anything we can do to help you, please...we are here for you :)



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