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I have oral HSV1

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So you guys probably have heard stories like this a lot around here, I just need somewhere to vent/talk to I guess. So I apologize in advance if it's repetitive to what everyone else is saying. I just found out that I have HSV1 oral herpes. The doctor assistant/student came in and we had talked the week before when I went during an std freak out. She told me it was most likely nothing, and that she would test me for herpes/hiv/syphillis if I really wanted it to clear my mind. I had just had an std test 2 weeks prior so it was too soon to have another and my symptoms really weren't anything to test for according to her.


Anyways I went to get my results yesterday. She came in and apologized for making me go. She told me I was clear, everything was fine and had nothing to worry about. A huge sigh of relief came out of me, then she said something like this "yeah, we tested you for syphillis, hiv, and hsv which all came negative except for hsv1 oral herpes. Which isn't a big deal since majority of the population has it, and your antibodies show that you could have gotten this a long time ago and you haven't had any recent outbreaks". So I was just relieved that I was clear on everything, and the way she phrased it made me feel calm. Later that day it sort of clicked to me that I had HSV1 though.


Now after doing research, i'm so confused. What did she mean I have nothing to worry about? It's still herpes isn't it? My current partner comes to mind. I obviously have to tell him, but I don't know how. Could I have passed it on to him, without knowing. I am feeling so much guilt, and i'm scared to talk to him about it. I feel like this could end our relationship. I don't remember ever getting cold sores, could I have gotten it as a child. It's just so confusing, and I'm stressing out over it. Am I overreacting? also what are those numbers people talk about on here. I didn't get any form of paper, I don't have a "score". I was just told HSV-1 oral.

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Hello and Welcome!


your antibodies show that you could have gotten this a long time ago and you haven't had any recent outbreaks".


Well, that's not really accurate... the test numbers must have been over 3.5 (a definite positive) for her to say that but you can't tell when or whether you had an OB from the numbers :/


I personally would ask for the numbers from them ... if it's under 3.5 then you could have a false positive (between 1.1 and 3.5 there's a 40% chance of false positives) ... though as I said sounds like your number was higher than that.


Here's the thing - the test doesn't tell you WHERE you have it.... just that you have HSV1 .... *odds are* you have it orally, but without an OutBreak you won't know 10)%. You may want to talk to your parents if you can to see if you ever had a cold sore in the past. It's VERY common (60% of all kids have it by the time they are young adults and 80% of all people under 49 have it) ... so assuming that is where you have it, you are in the majority.... I've had it since I was 4 so I can promise you it's nothing to freak out about .... but now that you know you just plain need to be cautious with oral sex..... if you have *anything* like a "papercut" or sore on your lip, refrain from oral till it heals. And if your partner has any irritation/etc down there, don't do oral.


Those precautions will help a lot .... people live with this with H- partners and never pass it on. You can take antivirals too but really, if you don't have OB's I'm not sure if it's worth it...but it's something you need to discuss with your partner. DO tell him that odds are he's been with others that carried it (like you) without knowing it ...


Now - you need to let go of the guilt - 80% of people with Herpes have no idea they have it because of the lack of testing for it because like you, they never have symptoms. Guilt assumes intent ... you didn't know... AND ... odds are he's carrying the virus orally (if not genitally to be honest... half of all new genital cases are HSV1) so you just need to tell him that you learned that you carry the virus that causes cold sores and that they can transfer down below with oral sex... print out the handouts that we have here and tell him we can explain it all to him too. The big thing is to realize just how common this is and that you both have likely come across plenty of people with it... especially orally ... so you are far from alone.. ;)


Here's a few links to help educate you more ...




Handouts + disclosure e-book:







Herpes facts video
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My partner gave me genital herpes via oral sex.. I found out after the fact that this is actually the most common way of spreading HSV1. I think letting your partner know about the test result is definitely important and then simply practice safe sex. (especially oral)


@WCSDancer2010 - great response, thanks for posting that video!

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Thanks to both your replies.




I just went to pick up a copy, because it wasn't given to me when I went. It actually showed the numbers in the paper. One of the papers said "Negative" in both HSV 1 & HSV 2. Which made me scratch my head.


The second paper had the numbers. >5.00 for HSV1 H

and 0.15 for HSV 2


I don't see anything about it saying genital or oral. So I don't know why she told me it was oral herpes.

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Many people (including some nurses) believe HSV1 is *only* found in the mouth ... the general medical community (especially PCP/Family Dr's/etc) is TERRIBLY poorly educated about the facts about herpes...many are still following the protocols and beliefs of the info that was being given out in the 1980's when herpes suddenly became a buzzword :(


So the paper that says you are >5 ... what test was that ... IgG? I'm guessing the "negative" test was an IgM (which any Dr who knows anything about Herpes won't do because it's pretty much useless) ... that one looks for the chemicals found in the really early days before your body creates the antibodies.

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