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What a lovely way to bring in the new year..

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With my second official outbreak. Yep. I thought I had it under control and then I slipped and started eating holiday sweets and such. Then had a emotional breakdown the other day over something stupid. Now my vajayjay is all tender and tingly where the sore healed and I see a blister forming in the exact same spot as the first one. Eh. Happy New Year. :/

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Oh @jessika, I'm sorry to hear about your ob. I know that feeling like you can move forward and then boom, H is back. Just try to be kind to yourself, put yourself 1st. Bump your supplements if you take them, rest, get back to eating well ( I know, hard during the holidays. Ate my share of sweets in the last week and crossing my fingers no ob). You will get thru this. (((Hugs)))

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Attack the sucker!!! Double up on meds if you take them (can't remember your regimen) and get thee into a strong Epsom Salts bath (dump the salts right between your legs so it's really strong there) and then dry it off well and go commando. I find if I really attack it very quickly I can often knock it right down .. which will also boost your confidence around dealing with it ;)



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Thank you ladies. I will do just that. Also, my blood test says I'm negative for antibodies so that confirms the last guy I was intimate with gave it to me. That's somewhat comforting. My doc gave me Valtrex on standby and told me if I have another ob to just keep taking it even once the symptoms are gone to try to keep em from coming back so frequently. This sucks. Oh well. Thank goodness I have you guys, and a awesome new boyfriend who knows my struggle.



Also, I know this is probably a silly question, but since my boyfriend and I both have Herpes, if we had sexy time during one of my flare ups would it trigger an ob for him too? Not saying I want to at this point cause its irritating. I was wondering because my exposure is so new compared to his, he's had it over 2 years...would mine in any way effect him?

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