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Can you put abreva on genital herpes outbreaks?

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First I went to doc to ask about ongoing pain in UT. We'll it was the health department she had me pee in cup and said there was no bacteria in my pee and told me to keep my urologist apt.It does seem to be going away now? I also got blood ran again I know I should of waited longer but just want to see if any thing showed up on igg for two.as for the abreva? my wife bought some as she thought she felt a oral ob coming on. She ask me if anyone one here used for genital area.she is taking eps salt bath and says it makes it feel much better.She is taking 6-800 ml a day of my antiviral. She looked it up and said she can not take L lysine when breast feeding?i did look at the links and going to try and buy some of the alum stuff .also I saw where they use a mixture of few things including abreva so I figured it couldn't hurt. Has anyone used this method.i was putting regular hydrogen peroxide on my outbreak right on penis head seem to work? I ask the girl to send in scrip for me and she wouldn't saying I didn't need it because of no sign of ob wanted them just incase something else shows up or for my wife she will not go to anyplace around here working with all doc in are area and is to embarrassed and does not really have the time.She is going on 4 weeks and really didn't feel anything till bout week or so ago.She said she had a good amount of discharge this morning been taking meds for 3 days. Just want to get her cleared up so we can move on with our life.her blisters have never opened is this normal should she just leave them be?


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Also my wife has a UTI she got strip that said positive .she is on her way to walk in clinic only one open today in are area.Is it only type 2 that can cause uti? that is info she found? Can they type H in a walk in clinic?Here blister just look like lil blood blisters that are not changing, not open so it seems hard to fight them that way?Have any of you ladies had this go on for weeks with no change? Thanks for any info. Happy New Years.

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I don't see any reason that you can't try Abreva down there. I'm pretty sure that the reason that it is not labeled for use in the genital region is that people wouldn't want someone to see them with it in their cart at the shopping center if it was labeled for that.the other thing you can try is bactine which seems to be working for me. Its the same thing as what's in the Orajel single dose. But way less expensive.


walkin clinics can definitely pipe for the herpes virus. And given that she has a discharge she really, really needs to have that looked at in case it's something else.


And no genital herpes does not cause a UTI. Only bacteria can cause that. Yeast infections are another thing altogether.but all three can cause symptoms you have had.

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