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Oral Herpes or Pimple?

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So, I already have GHSV2. When I found out about this last year, I was tested for both herpes types and was negative for HSV 1, so if what I have is a cold sore, it's from a new infection.


Last night I had some pain around my lip. This morning I had more pain, plus a red bump starting to form. It hasn't turned into a pimple and is really bothering me. I don't know if it's bothering me more because I am expecting it to be herpes. It is quite painful.


If it is, I guess it came from my new boyfriend. I don't know. We were making out pretty hard core a few days ago and he hadn't shaved so he was pretty stubbly. He has never had a cold sore, so he doesn't know if he has the virus. I have kissed other guys this year, but none for many months.


I take valtrex every day. Would I still break out in oral cold sores while on this?


I know that genital herpes is considered to be worse, but since I haven't gotten any outbreaks "down there" and oral herpes is potentially on display for everyone to see, I am having a great deal of anxiety over this. If it is a cold sore, now I have to figure out how to disclose BOTH things to potential partners if my current relationship doesn't work out. I feel myself becoming less and less desirable... :(

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My "new" boyfriend and I have been dating for over 3 months (not that this necessarily makes a difference just wanted to clarify).


Also, would it be possible for him to have transferred HSV 2 to my mouth by giving me oral sex and then kissing me? This seems unlikely, since I have had this virus for a year and have had no outbreaks apart from the first one - I am sure I have developed antibodies to it. But is it more likely to be that than oral HSV 1? Or a pimple? It doesn't feel like a pimple...

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It's highly unlikely that it's herpes ... and definitely extremely unlikely that it's HSV2 ... you have antibodies to H2 now and that will be giving you some protection from H1 now .... and most people have oral H by the time they are adults .. if you manage to miss getting it as a kid your risk of getting it is pretty low.


Best thing to do anyway is to get HIM tested for H1 and 2 (and anything else if he wasn't tested before you got intimate) .. to clarify if he has it AND to make sure he doesn't have anything else ;)


Odds are your make-out session just plain irritated the lip ... I used to get regular pimples on my lip and they were VERY different from an OB ... and often were really painful because there's a lot of nerves in that area.


And BTW, I have BOTH H1 oral and H2 genital ... having the H1 oral is really not a big deal at all .. remember, 80% of the population has it ... so the odds that a potential partner has it are pretty high anyway :)

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Thanks :)


I don't know how I don't have H1 antibodies, to be honest. My mom had it and my sister has it and I was around multiple H outbreaks growing up. But I tested negative for it and positive for H2 last February.


Anyway, he was actually tested for "everything" (except H) right before we got together. And I have been tested more than once over the past year. So we're pretty on top of that. I have been bugging him to get the HSV tests, but he's dragging his feet :(


He did agree to do it, but things have been busy and he just keeps saying it isn't a scary thing to him. But I'm going to ask him to go (and honestly, if he had been tested and was positive for H1, it wasn't going to stop me from kissing him...I'd just have more certainty about what's happening on my lip right now).


I hope this is just a zit. It is still sore,but less so today. No blister, no whitehead. It looks like it's just kind of fading away, so maybe it was just irritation? I'm also PMS-ing, so it could be just some stupid pimple under my skin...

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