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Not sure what is going on does this sound normal?

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I noticed a bump right above my penis that then became three bumps over 2 weeks. I then proceeded to get bumps on my right leg, then left leg, then more on my right leg, and just finally starting on my stomach today. They look exactly like tiny pimples. Since day one to present it has been 3.5 months with some of the almost original bumps still there. This doesn't seem like out break after outbreak but one big one, if it is herpes.


The other thing that is weird is that 99% of the bumps are coming directly out of one of my body hairs and some of my body hairs that have bumps have fallen out and are growing back in as they are super short. Does this sound like herpes or what? I am freaking out. I can't find anyone else talking about the body hair thing online so it makes me doubt it is herpes.


I have a doctor appointment but because of insurance and just moving to a new area I can't get in for two weeks. I have been rubbing purell, hydrogen peroxide and putting propolis ointment on them (including trying anti fungal creme in case that is what it is) nothing has any effect at all almost all the original pimples are still there except the initial three.



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Hello and Welcome!


Sounds like folliculitis rather than herpes simply because you say it's always by a hair ... have you been with anyone in the week or two before the first pimple came up?


One thing - don't put anything on them for a few days before the Dr appt so they can get a swab if they want to ... you don't want to do anything to kill any bacteria or virus that may be there ...


Have you looked into Planned Parenthood? They take a lot of insurances and they may have an earlier spot.


I certainly wouldn't panic at this point but best to get it looked at ..



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I went to Planned Parenthood and they said I needed a special appointment for herpes which wasn't much sooner, but they were able to get me in right away for the other tests, which I did.


I feel like its probably herpes as I have been extremely promiscuous and after seeing the percentage of people who have it, I most definitely have been exposed many times. But the funny thing is I haven't had sex for 60 days before this started, I have since then before I thought something was wrong though. I really do not want to make those phone calls, if I do have it.


I am extremely worried about it spreading in my sleep if I scratch it then scratch my mouth or eyes. I am going full OCD with sanitizers and cleaning my phone, door knobs with hydrogen peroxide and using a top of body towel and a lower body towel from the shower. etc.

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Need a special appt for Herpes??? WTF?


You can chill with the OCD friend ... you are not a walking Petri dish. just use common sense precautions. The vast majority of ocular herpes is in kids who have oral H ... because they pick at everything incessantly :p Certainly phones and door knobs and such will be just fine. The virus dies pretty quickly outside of the body. If it didn't, we would ALL be covered in the virus ;) Even the towel is fine - just dry your genitals last ... after it dries the virus will be rendered dead anyway ... it needs a warm and moist atmosphere to live ;)


I still don't think its H from what you said ... but for now, wear boxers (so the area can stay dry and not rub on the pimples) and try to BREATHE ... and whatever happens, let this be a time to reflect on your sexual practices ... not that you shouldn't have fun... but you need to get educated about STD prevention and then do what you need to to protect yourself ... while accepting that even with condoms you have some risk of getting it ... but at least you can have adult conversations and use common sense in the future to reduce your risk :)



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Yes, I don't know what that is about. When I went in I asked about it if they could sneak it in with my other tests and she said no. She also said they highly recommend not to test it unless you are having symptoms severe enough you would want the medication.


Thank you! I feel much better already and my sensitive bits will be thankful to get a little less purell dousing.

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Since it's been over 3 months since your symptoms started, when you see your doctor in a few weeks, ask about having a blood test done for HSV - if you have it, you should have antibodies by now.


It *does* sound like a stubborn case of folliculitis to me, though...a lot of times a folliculitis episode that goes on like this, will require oral antibiotics to clear it up. But it's totally not a big deal. I know it's tough to wait two weeks. A walk in clinic may be able to diagnose it for you and give you antibiotics. Did the doctor at Planned Parenthood even look at the bumps?

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