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Wondering if I caught it, looking for advice

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Hi everyone -- first post. I don't know if I have herpes, but I was hoping I could describe my experience and see what everyone else thinks. I'm also going to see a doctor, but looking for thoughts from you all as well.


About 10 days ago, I made out and received oral sex from a girl. While we didn't have intercourse, she did lie on top of me while we were both naked for a few minutes, and our genitals touched.


About 7-8 days after that, I started feeling a weird sensation in the head of my penis. I wouldn't really call it "tingling," more like a dull throb/ache. On day 9, this went away almost completely. On day 10-11, it came back, though it varied over the course of the day. So, I've had it off and on for 4 days now.


I have no signs of visible sores on my penis, and no symptoms whatsoever on my mouth.


While looking very closely, I did notice a skin abnormality at the area where my scrotum meets my leg, but it doesn't look like herpes from what I can tell. The skin appears dry, white and a little flaky. There is also a little bit of broken skin, but there were never any bumps, blisters, scabbing, anything like that. I also had no tingling in this location.


I'm terrified that the throbbing could be the result of herpes, since the incubation period would be about correct. But I don't seem to be developing sores at all.


I guess my main question is, wouldn't 4 days be really long for prodrome tingling, with no blisters appearing? From what I've read, the tingling only lasts a day or two before blisters appear.

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From what I know, it is possible to have the virus without any symptoms. So, even if you didn't have aching or pain there is still the possibility. If you don't have any open sores they won't be able to swab for results and I believe it takes 6 months after exposure for the virus to show up on a blood test. My best advice here is to keep that doctors appointment and show them the spot on your leg you mentioned, along with telling them of your other symptoms. Then, make sure to follow up in about 6 months time to get a blood test. Also, would it be possible to confront the girl about what you have experienced and your questions about what her status is? Whatever the outcome, this site is a great resource and we're here for you! Good luck :)

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I doubt it. In reading that nothing really strikes me as herpes....especially if theres no tingling. its probably just irritated skin? Personally, I wouldn't say anything to them. Seems like it would just freak her out over something that is most likely nothing to be worried about. I think youre fine! but for peace of mind call your doctor and sched an appointment if it doesnt get better.

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Thanks. It's definitely not just irritated skin--I feel the throbbing coming definitely from inside the head of my penis. But since there are no sores, I guess right now it doesn't make much sense that it's herpes. I'm seeing a urologist tomorrow and go from there.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, the answer is maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. Prodromes can go on for weeks or months. And the reason that 80% of carriers don't know they have it is that they have minor symptoms that they don't recognize as something to get checked out ... or none at all ....


So the best thing to do is get it looked at now, and odds are they won't find anything conclusive (if you just acquired it) and as mentioned, you will want to re-test in about 4 months (that's the normal time required to get enough antibodies so that it can be detected.)


You may want to ask the girl if she has had cold sores... odds are if it *is* Herpes you got HSV1 from the oral sex :/


These links may help you a bit







Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video


Hope that helps a bit :)

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