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Many questions about GHSV1

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First, I am Sorry for my English is not good.

I had oral sex to my boyfriend, and I thought I had cracked lip with bleed (Just very little). But after 13 hours, there had cold sores on same area. I didn’t know I infect him or not cause he don’t have any symptoms. He got fever and tonsillitis after oral sex within 6 days. And his blood test for HSV1 is positive. My questions are:


1. Are there any studies try to know which part is being infected by HSV1 without symptoms?


2. Does antibody really can protect me from any kind of new transmission of the same variety (I have oral HSV-1, but No GHSV-1) and auto inoculate? The doctor told me that antibody do not have any effect.


3. If someone infected with GHSV-1, can he/she don’t have any outbreaks/Symptom in his/her life?


4. If Adult infected by HSV-1 orally or genitally, will he get fever or tonsillitis?


5. If my boyfriend has GHSV-1, just wear underpants and rub on my genital area, can I infected?


6. If someone has negative result on HSV-1, his resistance can protect him do not infected? (Like my case, although I had cracked lip with bleed, if my boyfriend’s resistance is strong, he may not infected?)


7 People don’t know they have HSV1 or not (Oral or genitally), and they can infect to their sex partners through oral sex or sex even they don’t have any symptoms. My question : Is that mean if I don’t want to infect HSV-1 by others, I just can find someone with the negative result by blood test?


8. Actually, I have serious cleanliness, I am scare have sex with my boyfriend now. Do I need to afraid this?


It’s too many questions. Please help and thank you.


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I'm going to take a shot at answering some of your questions until someone with more knowledge can help.


1.There is no way to tell where the infection has settled unless you have an outbreak.


2.There is a risk that you could get HSV1 genitally if you are not careful. This is a question that someone else can answer better but I can tell you that my husband has HSV1 orally, I have it genitally, and to my knowledge we have not transferred it to other areas. (I have never had an oral outbreak and he's never had a genital- it's been 16 years)


3. Yes, it's possible to have HSV and not have any symptoms ever.


4. I've seen people talking about fevers along with H. I don't know about the tonsillitis.


5. If you have clothes on you will not become infected.


I'm confused after this point. If I'm reading this right, you have the virus already, your boyfriend tested positive and you are worried that you may get it genitally because you don't know where his outbreaks are?

The end of your post makes me sad. (You're scared to have sex with him and feel he is not clean). What if he felt that way about kissing you? What if you are the one that transferred it to him?

I don't understand the question about finding a H- person to avoid getting it, when you already have it?




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Hello and Welcome!


If I understand you correctly, YOU know you have Oral HSV1. Your BF had had a positive HSV1 blood test but you don't know where he has it. Correct?


Assuming that:


1) Odds are he has it orally like you. In the USA, 60% of young kids have Oral HSV1 by the time they are young adults and 80% of people have it orally by the time they are 50. In which case, what is your problem?


2) You both have the antibodies to the HSV1 virus. So you both have some protection from the possibility of getting it genitally but either of you *could* give it to the other genitally with oral sex.... but the risk is very very low. I'd be more worried dating someone who I might not know their real status (which is the majority of the population worldwide).


3) I *think* you think your oral outbreak was from giving him oral sex. You say you already have HSV1 orally - if ANYTHING you needed to be more concerned that you may have given it to him genitally that day because YOU are the one who had the OB. But the good news is he already has the antibodies so again that risk is pretty low.


Bottom line (from what I understand) ... you both have HSV1. Which means you already have some protection from getting it in the "other" location because of the antibodies... so I wouldn't worry about it .... you are "safer" with him than with someone who likely wouldn't actually know their status ;)




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Thank you MMissouri and WCSDancer2010


I know antibodies don't have 100% protective effect. I find some cases was even the lady already had HSV1 orally, she also infected HSV1 genitally. May be she is the "unlucky one", but i don't want to be the "unlucky one" because I have very serious mysophobia. When I had cold sores on my lip, I scared about the auto inoculate and washed my hands about 15mins every time. So, I cannot imagine my mental start if I have herpes in my genital area.


I know i am despicable that I afraid have sex with him, I am trying my best to surmount this.


There are two questions I want to know the answer, please help and thank you.


1. If my boyfriend has GHSV-1, just wear underpants and rub on my genital area when my body naked, can I infected?


2. If someone has negative result on HSV-1, his resistance can protect him do not infected? Like my case, although I had cracked lip with bleed, my boyfriend may not be infected?


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1) No

2) If you are negative you don't have antibodies, so you don't have natural protection from the virus.


So do you ride in a car? Because every time you get in it, you risk injury...or death. Many things involve risk. But any life well lived involves the possibility of something happening that can harm us. And right now, given that you already have the HSV1 virus, your risk is very very minimal of you getting herpes. You are likely far more at risk of injury in a car accident at this point.


Life is all about perspective. You can always worry about the worst things happening, or you can choose to live every day to the fullest.


One other thing... if your BF has HSV1 and is willing to take anti-virals to help you to feel better, you risk wil be as close to nil as you could ever want. That may be an option for you ... but I would suggest that you get into therapy to help with your fears ... because that will do far more for you over time. Learning coping skills for your situation is your best bet for long term happiness and peace :)



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