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The life after the genital herpes?


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Hello !!! my Name is Nicu am 25 years old and alive in Spain am of Romania, I so well have genital herpes ... It is something that still am not believing that I have it, the first time in February of 2014 was very badly did not find me at all very no wise what was and less than went it to carry for life ... That no there treatment ..... I see it all different ... Have win to form a family is in what but think lately ... There is a wonderful family hear ...( sorry my English is nat sou good )

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Hello and Welcome!


Yes friend, there is life after Herpes! I have had genital HSV2 for 35 years and lived a VERY full life. I have 2 wonderful H- daughters who are 25 and 28. (By the way, I also have HSV1 orally since I was 4) ... I has a 20 yr marriage that ended for non-H reasons. I've had two 3yr relationships with non-H men and neither got it. I am very active and don't think of H when I'm not on here (except the times I'm having an Outbreak ... but I have learned how to knock them right down so it's not a big deal for me).


My biggest suggestion for right now is for you to read as much as you can on here, most especially the Succes Stories and anything from the Veterans... remember when you read something from a newly diagnosed person that they are just as scared and confused as you and that their reality is based on where they are at in the journey of learning to live with Herpes ... and that the vast majority of people with H will learn how to live with it and get back to a normal life... and as you will see in the Success Stories, you may find a DEEPER love than you ever knew was possible because the disclosure process helps you to pick better partners ... you have to slow things down and get to know the PERSON before you explore the BODY ;)


These links may help you out for starters (along with the Success Stories and Veterans stories) ... come on here as much as you need for support and help. We are here for you :)




Handouts + disclosure e-book:




Herpes facts video
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Hello, Nicu! Pleasure to meet you and so glad you found this site. I am new to Herpes also (diagnosed December 1st, 2014). I am handling it surprisingly well. I have to admit joining this site when I did and meeting people like @WCSdancer and @Adrial, as well as many others, gave me the strength and courage to go on with my life without fear and shame. I love meeting new people from here and making new friends, as well as out in the real world. Hope to see more posts from you, Nicu! And your English is actually pretty good. :)


take care!

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Hi Nicu,


Welcome to this site. I too am in Spain as a foreigner. From what I understand people here in Europe have a much more healthier view to H. I have only had it for a few months, but those few outside of my family who I have told have been cool about it and said "So what, you have so much more to offer that H is not something a woman should pass you over for". I have yet to disclose to someone I actually could consider being with long term. When that time comes I'll have to see how it actually goes.

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Is exciting to have your support ... I read all day stuff all the people I see all tien a hard start and as time passes ban forces retaking , courage see the world differently everything is psych .... thanks to great people like you @Adrial , @WCSdancer and many more life otherwise take you for everything are great ... I'll be telling my winged experencia you want to be ... a big hug to everyone thanks

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