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Change of skin-glands on the penis head?

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I have dealing with this from day one. The change of texture and redness and sensitivity to my penis head.it just looks completely deferent than before.skin is wrinkled and more shinny and redness comes and goes?i have read other peoples story's that have had same thing go on and never got normal.all docs told him looked normal just like I have been told but it does not I know my body we'll I did know it before all of this.have any of you guys had this happen has it ever got back to normal.i still have lot of tingling in my balls just feel like it's still very active due to all the stress I have been dealing with.when I get it hard it's almost like I can see where lil spots were or want to come out? Very confused by this and feel no docs or dermatologist will be able to do anything.any info will help.

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If you are "seeing spots" when you get hard it's most likely Folliculitis .... not herpes... and herpes doesn't change how your penis looks once ...certainly not in the way you describe. And AGAIN.. the sensitivity/tingling may take MONTHS to settle down and you just plain need to chill out and let your body work on healing.. Patience grasshopper!!!


As for the stress ... well, YOU keep putting yourself though it. We keep trying to tell you to chill out because herpes LOVES stress ... and so far all your main worries have been unfounded ... so I hope you will start to relax... both for your personal health (to reduce your chance of OB's) and for the health of your child and your marriage ;)


I think the reason you got no replies is you have asked this question many times and honestly I don't know that we have any more answers for you ... you just need some patience and if you are concerned about the spots, go ask the urologist or dermatologist ... but I'm quite sure it's nothing to do with Herpes...

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I have had the same thing going on for 7 months, and I believe its 100% h related because it happened right after i had my first OB. I havent found anything yet to help. I've been to 3 derms and 2 uroligists, tried every steroid creme, antibacterial, and anti fungal with 0 improvement.


I know this is old, but i want my answer to show up if people search.

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  • 2 years later...

my penis head looks the same, after the initial outbreak it started to get like that, i thought it was a secondary outbreak, but the dermathologist told me is not, is normal... i dont know what to do, guess i have to live with it, i wonder if some of the cream i put on it trigger it, it doesnt hurt and my erections are hard as ever, but i can see the little dots, no texture put it looks dotty and wrinkled. i wonder if its still sheadding? time will tell.

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