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Problems getting herpes medication?!?


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Background: Male, recently diagnosed HSV-2 few months ago but odds are its from a while ago. No symptoms. Partner is negative and we both would like to keep it that way so we are as safe as we can be for the time being.


I would like to get on antivirals to help cut the risks even more but I am running into issues with Doctors. My Doc is close to 100 years old and was very kind but straight told me its nothing to worry about and he cant help. I pushed it and he sent me to an ID Doc. She tells me she will not give meds for HSV2 unless I have OBs a few times a year...I explain that I dont have any obs but understand that it will cut the risk of passing it on. She told me to wear a condom, it cuts the risk to close to 100%...ok...no...I know that is not true.


She will only give meds without an ob if I was married can prove my partner is negative and we are trying to get pregnant. I dont want to have a baby in order to get meds for herpes...seems mildly extreme :)


Is this normal? You can not get antivirals without obs? I understand that condoms + meds is not 100% but its better than just a condom.

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That's totally bogus. I went through similar troubles at the Health Department. They refused to give me more antivirals until I had signs of a full on ob and basically told me the same thing. Most docs don't really take Herpes serious since its not a life-threatening condition. So they just tell you avoid sexual contact during an ob and take painkillers and call it a day. I know my body and I could feel the signs of prodrome so I called my gynecologist who rushed a prescription order to my pharmacy the same day. He also gave me 3 more refills in case I have any more in the future. You may want to try calling your local Planned Parenthood and tell them your situation and see if you can get a prescription through them. Good luck!!!

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Do you live in the USA or elsewhere? Some countries like the UK won't give the meds out without consistent OB's :(


So... first.. about your test? What were the values? Given you have had no symptoms, if your results were under 3.5, you have a good chance (40%) that it's a false positive. In which case I'd recomend you get a Western Blot test through Westover Heights Clinic.... which would give you a difnitie result ans likely they would give you thre script for the meds....


Otherwise, try Planned Parentood ... they are little more friendly about the meds.

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Ok - so you just have to find a Dr who will let you go on the meds ... which means you may have to try a few to get them.


One other option. There are online Drs now who will do a quick consult and may do a script for you ... and given that the meds are not addictive they could do that for anti-virals. Dr Phil talks about one called Doctors On Demand. That may be an option too just to get the meds.

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