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How long does tingling and burning last?

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Ever since my initial diagnoses ive felt tingling and/or a burning, kind of like being sunburned "down there". I started taking the valtrex again at 2 pills 2x/day. When i wake in the morning i dont feel the irritation, but later in the day i do feel it. Ive been putting coconut oil on myself it it does seem to soothe. Ive noticed two little red spots but dont know if it is a shaving bump or a herpes. Ive been trying to watch what i eat in case that is what is making me feel irritated. When i take the meds i also put on the oil and i feel good again. Im on day 4 of the full med dose. i noticed the blister christmas morn and have felt odd down there ever since... wishing this feeling would go away....

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Patience grasshopper! You are one month in to your acquiring herpes and 4 days into the medication... it TAKES TIME for things to settle down.... and sometimes we just plain have to live with "what is" while our bodies do what they need to do to get things back in balance. I know it's a nuisance and frustrating... but perhaps this is a good lesson in acceptance, patience, and taking things one day at a time for you ;)

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I have had same thing going on for months now. the irritation in my penis as seem to go away some the tingling is still everyday thing very frustrating. I still get red spots that come up and go almost like constant prodrome? Can't understand how it last this long? Every time I pee I can see red patch that comes up in area I had OB.

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Yes waiting for the day I feel normal again.it has got better but still feel off.i am also married with a new addition to our family and this comes up!talk about bad timing.I was told by my high positive after two weeks made a horrible mistake on a trip.that it didn't come from that I have had this some time and possible my wife could of given it to me from oral being see has had cold sore in past? Not one that I have ever seen she said she had one during pregnancy?I just find it hard to believe I have had this in me and just comes out and causes so much problems wouldn't are body be building antibodies before first OB?I see a specialist on the 3rd I will post what he says about high numbers and being new infection also if he does anything for my ongoing symptoms.

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As I have explained before.... herpes LOVES stress and your guilt over your indiscretion likely caused the first OB .... the antibodies can only do so much.... I've had clients who have had H for 30 years and the stress from preparing for a big family party set her off. AND your continued guilt and resulting stressing over the indiscretion plus having Herpes isn't helping your body to heal.


I still strongly suggest that you get into therapy to help you with your guilt/angst because THAT is likely to help a lot.... until you manage to deal with that, it's likely that your Herpes will not settle down easily :/

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yes the irritation is making me crazy. Hate it, a constant reminder and i already feel so awful. So hard to accept.

Ive had this for many years I think without knowing it. Im pretty positive my husband hasnt cheated, and I know I havent. So,,, I must have been carrying it all these years. I met him in 1997.

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