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Hey so I was diagnosed in september and I have had 3 outbreak thus far. I am on daily suppressive's, I do and teach yoga, I take zinc, vitamin c , and Lysine.When I don't have outbreaks I still get this faint tingling sensation on the outer area of my left thigh and it just comes and goes. Now when I am having an outbreak it is way more pronounced and it starts to sting near the area of my outbreaks. My outbreaks are very mild my blisters never hurt and they are on my inner thigh. The worst part for me is the tingling sensations. Am I constantly shedding the virus? I can never have a peace of mind when I all I do is tingle all day. I am about to start dating again but I am so worried and dread the Disclosure talks but most frightened that I will be always shedding the virus. Has anyone else ever experienced this? My lymph nodes also swell up when I am about to have an outbreak and they aren't swollen right now. I am just a hot mess.

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Hey there


Well, you are at the 4-5 month point ... which is usually when things start to level out ... Sometimes B12 helps with nerve damage/issues so you may want to try that.


As for shedding - well yes, you may be when you have the tingling ... the first year is usually the worst for symptoms and shedding.... so you will want to be careful ... odds are the shedding is light but unfortunately there's just no way to tell.


Just go slow on the dating .... let H tell you when it's time to get physical. And until that time theres a TON of ways to be intimate... H gives us a real excuse to find new ways to get our freak on. ;)





http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/5807/list-the-ways-to-protect-my-partner-from-getting-herpes-hsv2 Safe alternatives to sex


Herpes as a relationship filter Adrial


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Thank you, I will pick up some B-12. I think I may start seeing a therapist as well my mental state hasnt been the same since my diagnosis. I feel like I have way more anxiety and the thought of sex with someone new makes me cringe in fear of shedding the virus. This sucks

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Well one thing - have patience with all this. You are still very much new to the virus and your body (and YOU) are learning how to control it. Remember, FAR more people get it from someone who doesn't know they have it than from people who know simply because we WILL take precautions to not pass it on ;)



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@yogaj12 I am having a very similar experience. I was diagnosed in Oct and have had a couple more outbreaks since. I have pretty much felt a tingle or itch everyday since my diagnosis. I can't decide if it's just in my head or if I'm shedding. It's been driving me a little crazy. I just hope you're right @wcsdancer about it calming down soon.

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What is interesting to me is that people nowadays are so used to modern medicine taking all "symptoms" away (with painkillers and operations and such) that we don't know how to "be" with discomfort.


Not a judgement ... just an observation and something to think about :)


In my "alternative medicine" world, symptoms and pain are the bodies way of telling us something...sending us a message ... and for *me* herpes is my barometer of how well I am looking out after myself. I didn't have an OB for months (and the last ones have been really minor and gone in a couple days). Last Fall I realized that I needed to cut back on some things (I had over-extended myself) and I took measures to do that ... and just in time because I ended up with 3 oral and 1 genital OB and 2 colds (I haven't had a cold in 2 yrs).


So I'm going to challenge you all to try to see what you can learn about yourself and your health and welfare through this experience. Is the lesson one of patience? Of learning to relax? Deal with anxiety? Make changes in your life? Letting go of control?


EVERY experience can be a learning experience. Maybe one you didn't ask for... but something that will make you stronger in the long run. It's up to you to see if you can find the lesson rather than focusing on how much you wish it was over or whatever :)


Again ... no judgement here ... just giving another possible way for everyone to deal with things that are not the way they want them to be :)




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I was just thinking about all that. All of the above applies to me. Learning to have patience, listening to my body, realizing I can't control everything, and learning period about the virus and how it affects my body. My anxiety is extra high which doesn't help. I had a dream about a hot guy but it got ruined cause in my dream I said don't forget you have herpes! Lol

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