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Is this discharge from herpes?

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SO I'm in the middle of my first OB and it has honestly been hell on earth... I can't pee without crying or sit down comfortably..I was given Vicodin for the pain, which helps a LOT but only for the first few hours after I take it. I'm trying to keep the area dry but it's been very difficult, as I'm experiencing a lot of yellow discharge?


I'm not sure if it's yellow discharge or if it's from the blisters, but I've been wearing pads and each time I remove one there is yellow oozy liquid on them. Any answers?

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Hello and Welcome!


Yes, it's possible that it's from the herpes ... you may have internal lesions or it may just be your body fighting it off.


For the peeing, pour warm water over the area while you pee or pee in the bathtub/shower... that can help a lot... then blow dry the area (on low) so it completely dries out the area. Epsom salts baths (dump the salts right between your legs) and going commando can help.


There's a lot of suggestions of things that can help in the links below. If you attack it from the outside as well as the inside, you can often get control a LOT faster :)










Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum





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Thank you guys so much for commenting, it helps so much knowing there are people who have gone through this themselves and a community of support.


I just wonder- if going commando helps..how do I control the discharge then? I've been wearing pads but obviously can't do that with just pants on..

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My wife is having the same thing going on and is clear of everything else has been examined and they didn't see any sores. And has not been diagnosed with H she had a few spots show up that still have not changed so they told her they are not related but I fell as dancer said this is her body trying to fight it off?This has been going on for some time have you ladies had any abdominal pain with it? Thanks for any feedback has her obgyn in said were at a loss of what is going on. I still feel it's all from this f-ing virus.

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