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Difference between herpes blister and pimple & does herpes shed from other places?

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As with most people my ob's following my initial ob the lesions are much smaller and harder to detect. I know that a herpes lesion is supposed to contain a clear type of fluid, while a pimple is more white. However, with them being so small I find it hard to distinguish between the two. As I didn't examen my penis pre H the way I do now I'm honestly not sure if every little bump I see is H, or just something I was getting pre H too. Some bumps are a bit tender to the touch so I assume that is H. How do you (guys mainly) tell the difference between a lesion and a small pimple?


Second question: As the lesions/blisters are so small and easy to not notice, what is the chance of me giving it to a potential partner if that bump is covered to 100% by a condom should I have sex while unknowingly having a lesion (provided the condom doesn't tear of course)?


A follow up question to that is, if I do have a blister or two, can I assume that I am also with 100% certainty shedding from other areas away from the actual lesion?

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Can't tell you about they way guys tell the difference but for me, herpes OB's HURT ... esp if they open up ;)


Yes - if the condom covers the area, it should provide good protection ... the reason they are only 50% effective is that half the people have OB's outside the covered area.


The general advice is no nookie with an OB ... because while it should only shed in the area where the OB is, it's just not worth taking the risk. There's tons of other ways to play so it's a great time to explore other ways to get your freak on ;)



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You can shed from the ob area as well as any genital area penis, scrotum, anus. Thick skinned places where no lesions are present do not shed like ur thighs or abdomen or buttocks. They will only have virus if u hve an ob there.


Technically speaking even though u get ob on ur penis only u could still be shedding on your testicles or anus. So best to avoid sex during obs altogether.


I haven't been able to isolate yet what is a lesion and what is a pimple so I can't help u there. If u really are anxious to know u could always get it swabbed to be sure and that way u know when it comes again whether it is h or not. I know it's a pain to get swabbed but that will help


Good luck

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well, there is a broad spectrum of bump types. I have never knowingly had a herpes bump on my penis, only my scrotum and the area at the base of my penis. fun stuff cause condoms don't cover and I like, er, grinding (tmi). now then we can get various types of bumps in the area. esp as we age. you can look them up but be careful as most google images are extreme cases, usually immunocompromised people. ive had what a Planned parenthood doctor tell me were hardened cysts and molluscum behave like they are suppose to AND get angry and pop like a herpes blister. I don't know if they were actually herpes or herpes got into the bump, like autoinoculation but not permanent. I tend to treat any bumps in the area as potential herpes. like you I didn't really examine my junk as much pre H as now ( my bad) so I don't have a baseline. plus im 50 and getting to that stage where we develop some of those other bumps and having had a vasectomy I can get a bump that actually has sperm in them, yep spermatetous cysts I think they are called. they are dead swimmers but still.....


It sucks but you will have to kind of figure this out as you go. for me its when in doubt figure it is just to be safe.

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