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Female first herpes outbreak - MAJOR discharge!

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My husband and I have been married 5 years and I have been lucky enough to avoid contracting it until now. I'm experiencing my first outbreak - major chills, fever on and off for days, body aches, awful headaches, and A LOT of vaginal discharge! It's clear to very very light pale green. Is this typical of a first OB? It's so much that when I sit up from laying, I feel a gush. It feels like a very heavy day of my period, only it's clear fluid...going on day 3! Ugh! This sucks!

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My wife is having same problem has been going on for some time she has been to hand full of docs and her ob gyn.She also has abdominal pain comes and goes.She had three spots show up and then all other problems come. Has been checked three times for all other std and bacteria But H has no visible sores they say the bumps are not related?and has had cold sores before I came up with H1. I went to a infectious specialist and that was a joke.why I really wanted to post here is all the docs we have seen a told what happened don't seem to have any idea that H can cause discharge and all the other discomforts along with it? They just blow it off

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Hello and Welcome!


So have you been to a Dr to have it looked at. Sounds like you have it internally but I would want to have that looked at to make sure nothing else is conributing to the discharge (veast/bacteria/etc) ... there are a LOT of things that can complicate things .. so best to get in to the Dr and see what they say.


I assume your hubby has it then?



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With my first OB I had that (except it was pale yellow). I would soak through the overnight maxi pads within a few hours. It irritated my skin once that started because it was never dry. It may help if you rinse off in the shower and then blow dry. I did that at night, and it helped cut down the irritation.


A pale green discharge sounds like some type of bacterial infection.

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to me that sounds like bacterial vaginosis...honestly when i feel itchy i ferl gross so i scrub and.use.more.soap.down below only.to find that usually makes it worse. i don't get yeast infections which is typically cottage cheese discharge....i usually get the bacterial vaginosis which for nme i feel really.dry and.itchy..it hurts..

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