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Avoiding Herpes Whitlow when you have Gential Herpes

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I’ve had gential herpes for a while now. Whilst having herpes I’ve had numerous small cuts during this time [still do now ] and up until this point I’ve been covering them up with plasters. But to be honest It’s arrived at a point were I go through far to many plasters, at this point it is about 40 a day as they come off during the course of hand washing after I’ve used the toilet etc. And well the mounting cost of maintaining such a supply a plasters is a abit of a concern.

I’m realistically thinking of only applying them when I have out break, as that seems like a more sensible thing to do [when I cut there aswell obvs]. Or have you come up with a better way of avoiding herpes whitlow, or would you people recommend covering them up more often e.g sometimes even when not got a outbreak. ?


Thank you for your replies.


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If you must wear them, I would stick to OB time only. Honestly, I think that's overly cautious. If this is for bathroom purposes, surely you can touch an area that does not have blisters? And I'm also going to assume the cuts are not on your fingertips? If this is for something totally different -maybe you could invest in disposable gloves or wear a condom? I'm sorry, I'm thinking friction is what you want to avoid the most, and I don't see that from simply going to the bathroom? In my opinion, washing your hands afterwards should be sufficient.


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If you have had H for awhile now, you should have the antibodies to it ... so the chance of you getting H Whitlow is pretty slim... my ex hubby used to get cracked fingers every winter and never got H Whitlow and he didn't know at the time to take care because the info wasn't out there.


If you want to be cautious I'd say cover the cuts during an OB but handwashing should normally be sufficient at this point. One other option for the times you are handling the area of your OB's (including any "self-pleasuring" might be to use a finger cot... it's basically just the finger part of a glove ... or a condom for your finger :)






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