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Dealing With Herpes Outbreaks

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I've been seeing a lot of posts lately from people searching for any possible methods for dealing with outbreaks. As most of you know no two people have the same exact experience with herpes. One persons result with Acyclovir for example, can be radically different for another. Many in this forum have found a "system" that works for them. Some have had difficulty finding a "system" that works for them. I thought(scary I know)that maybe we can pool some of this information into one thread. People can read thru and see what has or has not worked for others. Hopefully they can find ideas that they may not have thought of.


Anti-virals: Acyclovir: worked as advertised for me. Cleared outbreaks up fast, never had one when taking it suppresively.

Famvir: I was prescribed famvir one time. It seemed to have no effect whatsoever. Others on this forum have

had good results with it. If you have no luck with other anti-virals ask your doctor about this one.

Valtrex: Never tried it so I can't give a review.

Zovirax: Ointment to put on lesions. Had this along with the acyclovir. Not sure if it made any difference.


Over the counter: Tried Lysine some years ago. Got an outbreak within the first two weeks of using it daily. I may not have

been taking enough. I've since found out 1000-1500mg should be used daily. Some folks swear by it, so

give it a shot if you only want to use anti-virals as a last resort.


Stress: This can be tough. I was lucky. For 16 years I had a high stress job. I was finally able to transfer into a very low

stress job within the same company. Outbreaks have become almost non existent since. That's almost 7 years now.

I hope others can chime in on the ways they have dealt with stress.



I hope others can add their knowledge and experience. The Marine in me has always dealt with things as they came along. From what I have read in this forum others have put more thought and effort into dealing with outbreaks than I ever have.

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Well we have had several of these posts where people have posted all the things that work for them ... and I've done a blog (I will be updating it very soon with some more recent things that seem to be working for some people) where I gathered all the top things that seem to work for multiple people.... I'll post the links below ... and I'm always looking for new things that are working for others ....


My experience is that if you can dry the area out, that's half the battle ... and pretty much anything that is anti-viral is worth a try (topically and internally)... and attacking it externally the MINUTE you feel a tingle is half the battle. Don't wait and *hope* it goes away ... attack that bitch and send it back to it's ganglion home as soon as it peeps it's head out (with anti-virals as well as these other treatments) and *most* of the time you will find something that will give you some feeling of control over the virus... and THAT is a huge part of getting to accepting and living with Herpes :)





http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/comment/27695 (DMSO)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum






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I've had valtrex prescribed for my first OB and first two pregnancies. It worked well for me. My last pregnancy they prescribed acyclovir (I think that's what it was) and I didn't care for it as much. Not that I had an OB on it, but that you had to take more doses for the same effect as valtrex. Otherwise I have not taken any meds or used any remedies for H. My OBs are rare, not painful, and do not last longer than a few days.


I did buy a bottle of L Lysine to try for my next OB just out of curiosity. I doubt it will become part of my daily regimen though because my symptoms are so minor.

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