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feeling normal again

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I've been making great progress with accepting my diagnosis. Of course I have my good days and bad days, but I'm working through it with the help of everyone on here. My question is.. When will I feel normal down there? Im not having ob's, but I'm having other issues. Urethra irritation due to an allergic reaction to a condom and ititcomes and goes just won't go away completely. I just want everything thing to settle down down there. Will that ever happen?

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@getbetter11 what did the urologist say when you went? I was thinking of going to see one. That's my main issue right now. Im so scared to even pee. I was diagnosed in December. I was hoping with time things go back to normal but since you're on your sixth month and still have issues has me a nervous.

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Well, the allergic reaction to the condom isn't the fault of Herpes ... it's a VERY common problem with condoms. Try taking Benedryl for that ... someone else on here had the same issue and the Dr told her to take an antihistamine and it did the trick almost immediately. (NOTE for readers: This is for the ALLERGIC reaction to the condom ... it won't help if the issue is herpes, or BV, or whatever)


And try non-latex condoms of the FC2 Female condom in the future ... which some prefer because it doesn't strangle their member ;) ... http://tinyurl.com/FC2-condom


Unfortunately we can't give you a timeline of when you will feel "normal" again ... some people have 1 OB and never have anything ever again ... some can take months ... up to a year ... to get back to "normal" ... the more you work on finding what home treatments, diet, condoms, etc work for you, and the sooner you work on reducing stress levels, the better chance you have of shortening this period of prodromes and such....

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