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Someone please tell me that I will eventually not have an ob every time I have sex. I am doing everything possible to avoid outbreaks. Avoiding certain foods, alcohol, stress, you name it. Also on valtrex and tons of supplements. Even altered HOW I have sex to avoid too much friction. Yet here I am, 3 days later with all the ob symptoms except for a blister. Although I do have a large itchy "zit" on my back that showed up today. I never have zits anymore, esp not on my back so it is weird. Anyway, someone tell me this won't be my life from now on. I'm depressed all over again. And my poor bf (also has h2 like me), is experiencing the same thing. I thought seroconcordant couples were supposed to be ok as far as transmission goes? So far, we have triggered obs in each other every time we have sex. I just want to be normal again.

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I thought seroconcordant couples were supposed to be ok as far as transmission goes? So far, we have triggered obs in each other every time we have sex.


You are not "transmitting" to each other - you are just irritating the skin in the area where you get OB's which seems to activate the virus when you are in your earlier days/months/whatever with Herpes.


And yes - OVER TIME it will get better. PATIENCE Grasshopper! Keep working at learning how to knock the OB's down (AKA - attack the SOB as soon as you feel a tingle with whatever you know works for you). Don't wait for it to happen to see if your body is getting control of it ... HELP your body as much as you can ... I for one will take a dose of Acyclovir as soon as I feel anything and at least half the time it knocks it right down now ... in fact, I'd just take a double dose right after sex and see if that helps ..... sometimes it's just a matter of keeping the scales from tipping the wrong way :)

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Thank you. This was a quick healing ob. Had a very raw painful ulcer 2 days ago now it's gone. Took baths in Epsom and tea tree oil and also swabbed at night with tea tree oil and lemon balm. It sent me into orbit but totally worth it since I know it helped heal me. Bf is going to start suppressive therapy too I think, so hopefully that helps.

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Thanks @girlnamedhope. Yes he is and I know that I am lucky. This virus has been taxing on our relationship, but we're still together and still in love. At this point he is having more obs than I am, so once he's on meds daily I'm hoping that will help. This virus also tends to affect the mind, we both go thru periods of depression so when that happens we try to build each other up. And when we're both depressed we come here. :)

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