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Baby is almost here:)

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Hi everyone:) It's been quite a journey for me since I found out I am H+.It'll be a year of knowing pretty soon and I'll be expecting my first child which is amazing. I can't wait. I know I said I would get on this site more and do my part but due to complications with my pregnancy and personal life I have honestly been avoiding anything that could possibly stress me out. I think I've only signed in a few times to read some discussions and just see what's going on here. I have been very fortunate that I haven't had any outbreaks but my doctor has recommended putting me on meds my last month but I'm not sure if I want that. I know I haven't had any symptoms of an ob and I know I still can get one but I don't like how the medicine makes me feel and I still get those annoying hives when I take meds. It's weird but I'm pregnant so I have to wait till after for an allergy test...I know it would help especially if I want to have a vaginal birth. The accyclovir just makes me feel sick.

I have spoken to many people about herpes and almost anyone aware of it says it's very common and I found out a couple or maybe a few of my family members have it but they refuse to get tested or talk about it. It makes me wonder if I should ever tell my child I have it when she's old enough? As a parent should you tell your kids that you have herpes? I'm sure it's a dumb question but I see how hard it is for some people to talk about and I wonder how much herpes affects your parenting...well, if it does at all???

Aside from certain complications and not really worrying about my herpes everything seems manageable now. I feel like I've grown deep down inside and for the first time in a very long time I feel happy with who I am. I remember being so angry when I found out. It was horrible but now that I've educated myself and become aware and comfortable it almost makes me feel sorry for people who can't talk about it. I guess the thing is with me, I know exactly what I want and who I am...herpes can't change me so I have learned to brush off comments from people who I think are judging me or just being plain dumb about herpes. I wish more people didn't have to struggle with this. I can't wait to pop this baby out so I can continue my education and still help people in my community with understanding herpes. I actually SCHOOLED a nurse on hsv;) she was very happy to learn about it and was glad she met me. It feels good letting people know I'm OK and they're OK even though they don't have it. It is something to be aware of and hopefully my story or advice helps them.

But enough of that! Have I mentioned I'm having a girl yet???! Yup, a beautiful baby girl. She's super hyper and funny even though she's not out yet she's already quite the character and you can tell how comfy she is on my sonos. How do babies get tested for H? Is that something I should look into??? Any who hope everyone is doing OK despite the stress of having H. I know it sucks having to worry or deal with it but it'll pass over time.

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Yaaaayyyyyyyyyy how exciting congrats on your expectancy I remember you coming on here a little after I did and we've made such progress life is about good and bad days for all so that's not new I did before I know I would after. Can't believe its been that long. Youll have such a preoccupied mind after babygirl gets here you'll forget all about H. I know my doll has this little tornado of mine. I personally will let her know when the time is right so she is aware herself from an experienced individual and will lack no info of it. Hopefully we won't have that discussion until she's 65 lol. But girl you do what's best for you and your little bundle of joy aaaah how i would relive her birth over and over. And definately enjoy the last moments and try to relax as much as you can while she's still playing in there. You've got this. Stay strong

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Glad to get an update from you! And great to hear how much you have grown and adjusted to having H... great for you for schooling the nurse!!!


As far as the meds are concerned, I would suggest you try to get on them if you want a natural delivery... now, that said, I didn't take them when I had my daughter but they were very new to the market back then .... in 25+ years of them being used for late pregnancy as far as I know there are no stats at all showing that it will hurt the baby ... so the biggest factor is how you deal with them. Perhaps you can go on them more slowly (like people do for anti-depressants). Take 1/4 pill to start with for 4-5 days, then 1/2 pill, and so on.... and see if that helps you to not get the symptoms ... and at least you will have *some* of it in you when delivery time comes. The last thing you want is for the baby to get H at birth and while I am a minimalist when it comes to drugs, I see this as a sensible precaution if you can tolerate the meds.


And telling your child. Yes - the perfect time is when you start the full-on sex-talk. The reality that Mom could get H helps them to realise that "normal/good" people can get it and that you *might* just have a clue about what you are talking about when you have the talk about not just jumping into sex without doing what you can to protect your sexual health. When both my daughters were starting to be sexually active they came to me to go on birth control. While it wasn't the most comfortable conversation ever I was glad that they trusted be about that and I was able to make sure that they knew that everything wasn't necessarily tested for in the STD panels and that they always had to ask for it (and get their partner to ask for it). I even wrote down all the tests that they needed to be sure were on the panel, and they appreciated that.... and to my knowledge, they are STD-free (my youngest DID get chlamydia from her first BF but that was before they could test guys for it and the both got treated for it... and I think she was able to tell me because she knew I wouldn't judge her for it).


Can't wait to hear from you after the birth. I wish we had a place to post photos!!!



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