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Pregnant. possible ob. help plz.

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So today was OK up until about an hour ago....I feel the right side of my "flower" swollen and I busted out mirror to have a closer look and I can't see down there due to my big tummy and it looks like I have three possible sores coming up. They are just bumps right now and it looks internal but also my ovaries and uterus have been hurting off and on since yesterday and now have been hurting more today....is this a possible outbreak??? I'm going to call my Dr. In the morning but we had just discussed putting me on meds in two weeks BC I want a vaginal birth but I think this is an ob....I'm 31 almost 32 wks....what can I do???it's the weekend and I think my Drs. Office is closed or he might not be there BC I had an med. Emergency 2 weeks ago and he wasn't at his office....anyway can anyone help if he can't??? Can I put my zync creme on the ob while I'm pregnant or should I wait for docs orders???I don't want to irritate or make it worse... Plz help

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Definitely get to the Dr to have it looked at. In the meantime, yes you can try the zinc cream - it won't hurt anything - pretty much any of the topical things that we have suggested here will be safe for you. So try the Epsom Salts baths too... and going commando if possible.


Odds are the Dr will want to put you on the antivirals for the last 4 weeks ... esp as you may well be having an OB now ... but that is standard protocol for pregnancy with herpes ... and has been for over 20 yrs and I haven't heard any suggestions that if affects the baby in any negative way, so don't worry about that. If you need to take them to have a vaginal delivery, do it (assuming that is what you want of course :) )



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