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Just another awesome Dr experience

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So I had to physically see a doctor to get repeats for 6 months worth of antivirals. Then he says after that lot we will take me off them, if I have 2 out breaks close together I may go back on them.


I said can we wean me off them rather than go cold turkey, because Im more likely to have issues if I just go off cold turkey...


He actually laughed at me and said it's either suppressed or not.


So I said but when you take something that's daily away there's likely to be a bigger reaction regardless and that it also protects my partner more whom I've only been seeing for 2 months.


He said yeah it does help with that I guess - so I said even 6 months from now we will have been together 8 months that is not long for me or him to feel comfortable without the antivirals.


Pretty much ended with him saying we will start taking you off in October, and me saying we will review the best options for me and my partner.


Also recently had to see an emergency Dr for a shoulder injury. Stupidly told them I was on antivirals - they had to look it up. Then the Dr spent more time asking me about herpes... Once I told him it was for herpes not hep c. He wanted to know if I have to get it from the hospital, and how long I've used and how long I will use it and how I got herpes. Was like he genuinely saw me as intriguing because I had herpes... Even though I was there about a shoulder sports injury.


Kinda feel like My doctors live under rocks...

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Remind me, do you live in the USA or UK? And is yoru Dr a GP or OBGYN?


Hate to say it but I keep telling people that for us women, you really MUST go to an OBGYN for treatment for ANYTHING to do with the vajayjay or anything in the reproductive area ... they are the "Vagina's R Us" of the medical world. And for guys (or women who can't get to a GYN) there's Planned Parenthood ... who are at the forefront of Sexual Health for both sexes. Your GP is good for colds, vaccines, and getting a referral to a specialist. Nowadays there's too much information on too many things for a GP to be anything more than a cleaning house for anything outside of those things ;P


And your shoulder Dr probably had a 1 day primer on STD's that he slept through because in his opinion it has nothing to do with the area he's working with.


And don't forget, 50% of all the Dr's out there graduated in the bottom half of the class...LOL

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@WCSDancer2010/I busted out laughing at you asking about the US or UK, because that us exactly the type of garbage you get in the UK a and I know you know this. It is so sad and makes me feel so grateful for the medical treatment in the US, although I've had bad treatment here too.


Sounds like the ER doc was a resident, so he/she is trying to take I'm every bit of info they can get.


Yep and sure enough, you aren't in the US and that's where we hear the craziest stories from doctor visits. It really dies make you wonder, are they sleeping under rocks. Starting to appreciate my country even more! :-p

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thats too bad you had a dissapointing visit with the doc. its been hit and miss for me how they react to herpes. the doc who originally told me was wonderful. an the most recent doc i saw was the best by far. super understanding an we even laughed. seemed quite knowledgeable to. that saying... he did agree with your doc bout going off suppressants. said there shouldnt be a rebound effect. i laughed and said well im part of a worldwide herpes forum an the rebound effect seems very real. also said birth control shouldnt of effected me so bad but here we are 2 years later without taking any and my body has finally begun to be what i see an feel as normal.

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What people don'e get about a Single Payer/Nationalized Health Care system is that it's not a bottomless pit that will give you any health care/treatment you want because each area will have a budget to stay within ... so anything THEY deem as unnecessary wither won't be offered or you will have one hell of a wait list or you will be offered something that might be considered a poor option over here.


You don't want to get me going on health insurance vs single payer because I feel BOTH are poor options and I have my own idea of what would work ... but the abridged version is we need something that would cover "big ticket" stuff like accidents and cancer, but that offers some kind of benefit/reward for people who try to stay healthy... sorta like the now defunct Health Savings Accounts where about half your payment went into a bank account and you could choose to use it for copays and meds, or alternative treatments, or you could save it and whatever was left went towards your retirement... IMO people rely too much on a person in a cubicle to determine their health care options and believe that because they are insured, they can do whatever they want because the system will patch them up...


Anyhoo, yes - the UK isn't a great place to live if you have Herpes ... :(


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