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I'm still not 100% sure if I have genital hsv1

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I haven't been heard in a while since my last issues I was having well recently they came back and not sure if I'm over reacting but recently I got 2 hard bumps on my labia don't know if is hsv or just pimples or ingrowns and also been having a yeast infection for about a week an a half :( help the anxiouty came back I'm kinda stressing over it and sat and I have a wedding to attend to I can't go see a Dr

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@2legit2quit thanks


@WCSDancer2010 because I keep getting yeast infections and then stopped getting then I started getting them again and not I have these 2 bumps and the don't look like ingrowns and I believe I have a yeast infection and my genitals are very irritated it hurts to put a tampon on I'm also on my period and yes I tested positive for HSV1

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@WCSDancer2010 it was a blood test and yes I tend to get cold sores and lately I've been getting them a lot and before I only got them once every 6-7 years ago ...yeah I've been eating bad lately gaining a lot of weight and I also tested for hsv2 a couple month ago and was negative so yeah maybe I need to get on a diet maybe that will help

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@WCSDancer2010 yes ever since I used a douche back in April it ruined everything plus at the same time I had a new partner so that kinda made it crazy idk anymore I keep having to go to the Dr and they never find anything except yeast and BV and me I get panicked with anything

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@WCSDancer2010 I haven't been sexual active since September but did receive oral sex about a week ago so idk if maybe that made it worse cuz I did feel a yeast infection coming on a week before


So I did pop the pimple and white stuff mixed with blood popped out of like a pimple and then just blood, that was last night but its still hard this morning like if its still has stuff inside and one pimple is just about gone by itself

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@2Legit2Quit I thought I could only get it swabbed 48 hrs into me getting it. It has been longer than that well its still a little bump but its not as big anymore I think its going away and I took a pic of it and it looks like there is a little hair coming out of it so it might have been in ingrown not 100% sure though but does look like it and hope it was

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