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Can someone help me with a question about autoinoculation of Oral HSV2?

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Hello everyone. One of my best friends just got diagnosed with Oral HSV2 (Genital Herpes) which he told me is rare, but there you go. He is flipping out about it. Anyways he had been diagnosed 2 days after having a blister pop up on his lip. The doctor swabbed it and confirmed HSV2. Anyways he is freaking out because the first day (of the primary infection) he did not recognize it mistaking it for a pimple and touched it and wiped his hand on a towel and then went to the bathroom. He had told me that he also applied pimple cream on it and wiped his hand on a towel and then gone to the bathroom again. Anyways he has been going all over for this question but no answers. He had wondered how long it would take for symptoms (if any) to appear below the waist after contact with his possibly HSV2 contagious hands because of going to the bathroom?

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yes - that is a VERY rare one - only 1% of all people with oral H have HSV2. And BTW, HV2 isn't "genital herpes" ... it's just HSV2..... it *used* to be thought they stayed in their places (HSV1 only gave you cold sores) but we know better now so that attachment to the geographical place on the body is no longer relevant.


As for autoinoculation: certainly having touched himself and then a towel,, he won't pass it to himself that way... promise! H dies pretty quickly outside of the body. usually the autoinoculation shows up pretty fast... and it's VERY rare... you either have to have sustained contact with the genitals We had one guy got it on his ankles from sitting cross legged and naked when he meditated ... most would be on the fingers because of sex/mastrubating/scratching and that usually happens when the person has hangnails or finger cracks so the virus can get in easier.


So - tell your friend to BREATHE!!! Given he has it orally, he just needs to be very cautious if he has open wounds on his hands when he touches that area with an outbreak. After about 4 months he should be safe from passing it to himself as he will have antibodies to kill it off.

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I just told him what you have said and he said to thank you :)


He asked these things:


1. Is autoinoculation infection is within days because of the fact that the immune system is so low that it allows for replication in the newly infected area?

2. How come herpes whitlow can take up to 20 days to appear after autoinoculation in the fingers if it is mostly within days?

3. He asked that if 80% of people are totally asymptomatic for life?

4. How many recurrences does Oral HSV2 have in a year?


Thank you for being of much help and support to me and my friend :)

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He said it was a swab test and he got it tested because he urged the girl he was seeing to get tested before having sex but after kissing her he got sores in his mouth 10 days later. Two weeks after that he found out she tested positive for HSV2. He thinks she might have had it on her mouth too without having symptoms. If she had not told him he would have gone on thinking that the cold sore was normal and nothing but a pimple.

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