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Risk with protected oral sex

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I've read some conflicting information and want to reach a logical conclusion. I received protected oral sex and was concerned about acquiring an infection. The condom was in place the entire time and I don't recall there ever being a point where her mouth touched an unprotected area. There was no apparent signs of hsv on her mouth either. It seems low risk to me, however I did read some articles about infections being possible even with protection. I am hsv1 positive already, and have gotten plenty of cold sores on my mouth over the years. I've read that would make a new location for hsv1 highly unlikely. I have no symptoms as it was a recent encounter. Would this be considered a low risk encounter and not even warrant testing, let alone the endless anxiety thinking about it?

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That's what I thought, and why I didn't blink at the fact when it was offered. However, with some guilt setting in after the fact, I've read that condoms only reduce the risk 30% which I thought sounded low. On the surface it seems like a silly fear I guess, but I'm still concerned that something could come of it. I guess I'm being irrational...

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I'm anxious about it because I don't want to pass an infection on that I didnt know I had, and I'm going out of the country later this week and I don't think the country I'm going to would be the best place for medical attention should I do in fact need it. I tend to overthink, if that's not obvious enough here, and grew concerned when I looked up possible sti's from oral sex. But. I guess I should accept the fact that this was a low/no risk encounter and move on mentally...

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You have oral herpes though right, not genital? You were worried about getting herpes, when using a condom w orak sex, so I'm wondering where this anxiety is really coming from. May I ask how old you are? Do you think it would be best to not get in a sexual relationship, unless the partner has been tested? Otherwise, it sounds like you're going to continue obsessing like this, over each encounter.

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