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Trying to figure out hsv1 genital ?

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I recently tested positive for hsv1 genital. The doctor said I got it from oral sex with my husaband. He is the only man I have been with. The thing i find odd is both my husband and I have been asymptomatic until recently when I had outbreak. My question is..why would the hsv1 decide to 'attack' my genitals instead of my face? Isn't the face it's first choice? I mean i have kissed my husband a million times so I would imagine it's on my face. But why no outbreak there and only on my genitals? Will future outbreaks appear on my face too?

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Well I'm sorry to hear about this, but you're not alone. I saw a woman on another forum who had been married over 30yrs and got ghsv 1 from oral sex. Half of all new genital herpes cases are from HSV 1, via oral sex. 80% of people w herpes are asymptomatic. 60% got it as children and you all are likely asymptomatic, because they were early infections and your body has a great hold of the virus orally. When herpes infected orwkky, it infects the trimenglia ganglia, a nerve cluster by your ear and jaw. When it ibfecrs you genitally, it infects the sacral ganglia. Having kral heroes provides a bit if protection from getting it genitally, but not entirely. What has happened w you, is more common than you realize, just check out the posts. Maye get ghsv 1 the same way as you did.


If you already had oral herpes, you can't get it again. And have more obs. You should be fine.

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Well, i've been married 21yrs and was diagnosed so you can imagine my shock. Neither my husband or I have had oral herpes sores etc.. So if I understand you correctly there is still a possibility i may have an oral outbreak as well because I have never had one previously.

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Of you haven't ever had one, I wouldn't worry about getting one. I got oral HSV 1 at 22 from my ex husband and only had an internal full blown OB. Never on my lip. All these yrs later, now at 34 and getting ghsv 2 the day before I turned 33 and still have never had a cold sore on my lip like you see other's get. So I wouldn't ateww about suddenly having an oral OB. How is your husband handling all this news?

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Thanks for the information. He is shocked to say the least. Initially I was so confused when the doctor said it looked like herpes. We didn't want to believe it. It's not even like we practise regular oral sex,but we have done it over the years. So to understand why this would strike now is dumbfounding. He says it won't affect our sex life in the least, that nothing will change other than not having sex during an outbreak. I am happy to hear that. We are both itching to have sex but I'm so scared the outbreak isn't fully over. As far as i can tell the ulcers are healed..but they didn't crust. The labia is still pretty tender if it rubs on my jeans but otherwise wiping, peeing is all good now. How frequent were your outbreaks when you just had the hsv1?

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If your ulcers were more in the folds where it is moist and not on the outside, they're likely not to crust, as mine did not either. An OB is over when all skin feels and appears normal. Unfortunately, getting herpes or not, is just luck of the draw. I was careful w my ex and never got it on my genitals fom him, but did in my mouth. Some go all their life w out getting it, some assume so, because they're asymptomatic. My neighbors have been married for close to 30yrs, both have oral herpes and to date as they know of, have never passed it down there. As the saying goes: shit happens... Don't worry, it takes time, but eventually you'll be OK w it and realize it's OK.


Well obs happen more frequently w oral HSV 1 typically, when it's on the genitals it breaks out a lot less and sheds less. Almost half or more less than in the mouth. You may never have another OB again or you may have one or a couple a yr. It all depends. Newbies often ask questions looking for a black and white answer to H on here and how their bodies will react to it. The best explanation I can give to help people to Understand why we can't give a definitive answer on that nor want to set them up w expectations, only to be disappointed is this: everyone's immune system is as unique as their thumb prints, which means that not one person will react exactly the same w the virus.


What I always suggest to newbies, is to start journaling daily for at least 4-6 months their symptoms, locations, sensations and possible triggers .. Ie.. Hormones, stress, lack of sleep, certain foods, alcohol etc. That to me, is the only way to get comfortable w knowing your body post H.


As for my oral obs, after that horrendous first one, I would get what felt like a paper cut in the corner of my mouth fkr a day or two, probably every couple of months for a couple yrs. Then I went yrs w out anything. Then a few yrs ago it stopped doing that and switched to a tiny red bump on the bottom of my lip, half way inside it and it goes away in a day or two. It really only comes out when my lips are chapped, because I have autoimmune diseases and Sjogrens causes your moisture glands to be attacked and stop producing moisture. So long as I cake on Vaseline on my lips especially before bed to provide protection, it doesn't really show it's face. You can't compare my oral hsv 1 to your ghsv 1. Do you plan on taking daily meds for it or no? Until you feel yourself down there again, I'd refrain from sex, but that doesn't stop you from doing other things w one another.

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While you are waiting to get cleared for sex (which may take a little while as our lady bits often take awhile to get over the first OB's) use this time to learn other ways to get yer freak on... you never know what you may discover that you both like that you might never have realized without herpes...


And as for why you got it now? Who knows? But the vast majority of herpes is passed on asymptomatically by someone who doesn't know they have it.... likely you had a "perfect storm" day - maybe you had some nicks from shaving, or his stubble rubbed you a bit and he just happened to be shedding at the time. That's why H is so prevalent... because most people don't know they have it...



http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/5807/list-the-ways-to-protect-my-partner-from-getting-herpes-hsv2 Safe alternatives to sex



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Thank you for all the wonderful information and advise. A few days after I stopped antiviral medication I started having really extreme itching and then it also moved to around my anus. It felt at times like something was crawling under my skin. I panicked and went back to the doctor in fear another ob was going to occur. He put me on another week of antivirals 3xday and then after that i will take it only once a day for a month. We will reassess it after that. Just being cautious because I can't afford to loose another week of work. Since restarting it the itching/crawling stopped but I still get really random occasional pain during the night. I think an ulcer has started and i look and there is nothing. Hate the uncertainty of herpes. I like to be in control and this I can't. ugh.

WCS..we did have a very intimate moment a few days back that did not include actual sex. It was wonderful and very erotic but it was almost torture for me because I couldn't do more. My husband on the other hand left very pleased.lol I was shaking I wanted it so bad so i made him stop..it seriously was on my mind for hours later. It kinda gave me a taste of what i've been missing all this time and man do I miss it. ;) I can't wait until everything feels completely normal. It's gonna be hard to restrain myself and take it slow.lol

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I tell people to go off anti-virals gradually - otherwise you go from chemically supported suppression to your body having to take over completely and if your body is still making the antibodies that's a lot to ask of it.


As for your intimate moment - read those articles and get the a dildo/vibrator or whatever. You can still have an orgasm ... you just need to go easy on the lady bits for awhile :)


Also, look for a Tantric class near you... you may discover all kinds of fun that you never knew existed :)

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