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First outbreak questions :S

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Good day everyone,


3 weeks ago was the last time I had sex because 2 1/2 weeks ago I got what I thought may have been Herpes, so I haven't had sex since then.


It was just a tingling sensation, a tiny bump, and change in color in some spots of my penis, but it all went away so I wasn't even sure if it was Herpes or not, so I stopped worrying too much because they say the first outbreak is the worst, so if that was it then, maybe I would be mostly OK.


BUT today I felt my penis a bit irritated so I checked and there are many bumps on my foreskin and it's red and it looks a lot more like H, I want to go get tested but it will be a couple of days before I can.


I don't know if this is my real first outbreak, but I had been reading and they say that the first one occurs within 2 weeks, and I'm at 3.

Is it possible for the second outbreak to be a lot worse than the first?

Or is it possible to have the first outbreak after 3 weeks or more?





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I hate what people find about herpes online, because there's soooo much misinformation out there. We even had someone on here recently that didn't have an OB, until a yr n half later I believe. He thought he got it from his ex gf who did have it, as he got flu like symptoms, but never had an OB. Then when he had sex for the first time after all this time, he had an OB. Condoms, friction and alcohol, can be a trigger for it to come out more aggressive. You can always try a Urgent care facility or planned parenthood to get in quickly. PP is preferred, as GPs tend to not know much.


80% of people w herpes are asymptomatic or so mild, they don't realize it is H. Everyone assumes it's going to be like the text book classic symptoms, but it's only like that for a small percentage of us. One of my gfs, onky ever got bumps. She never had ulcers, fissures or blisters. Not even on her primary, nor did she get sick.


Start journaling your symptoms daily, location. Sensations and possible triggers, alcohol, sex, stress, lack of sleep. I suggest holding off on drinking any alcohol as this is going on, because it will lower your immune system and rear it's ugly head even worse possibly. I'm a primse example of that. I drank my sorrows away after diagnosis and that night, I got worse after it seemed I had hit the worst and nothing else was coming up.

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Hello and Welcome!


Bottom line is, there is no way we can tell you if you have Herpes or not from a written description... fact is, Dr's can't give a diagnosis from a visual inspection.


If you have just been exposed you need to get an outbreak swabbed... and they MUST be done within 24 hrs of appearing or odds are they will come back negative. Otherwise you need to wait till 4o months post exposure to do a blood test.


There are many things that cause irritation and the like on our genitals.... so you need to get to Planned Parenthood (DON'T go to a Family Dr... most are hopelessly useless when it comes to STD testing, information, and support :(



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I'm still in the air about my diagnosis. my primary doc said I have nothing to worry about and that I am stressing myself out. I saw a specialist and given the symptoms I was having she prescribed me valtrex to try for two weeks. I have had one bump down there. I had protected sex w a guy mid January and immediately after I started burning itching and tingling down there. I have had flu like symptoms, aches in my body, shooting pain, gritty feeling in my eyes, headaches, tingling around the anal area, discharge but no bumps/blisters.... yet. I'm waiting for this huge OB to happen but it hasn't yet, just the illnesses and not feeling good at all. it's the first thing I think of, I think of it all the time. i can't not. I just keep saying it in my head "i have herpes" "this actually happened to me" "WTF" it's so over whelming. I'm scared here too.

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@topp so sorry to hear.. We all repeat that over and over in our heads when first diagnosed. You'll notice each week that passes after the first month or two, you say it less and less. It took me sometime, but eventually you'll go full days not thinking about it. This is just one of those things that takes time . hang in there.

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