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Back again..

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So I originally thought I was having an outbreak in the back of my behind.. Starting to think it's something else.. I texted my doctor and asked her she said it doesn't sound like H .. Waiting to make an apt this week. Anyways I've had it for weeks it's a big rash all down my crack and around my hole it's itchy but it doesn't have any white or puss it's just a red rash does anyone have any idea on what it could be? I put Benadryl spray on it and it burns like hell but relieves the itching but hasn't gone away or gotten any better. Please help!

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Ive had similar symptoms like this within th first month of having H. Ive been diagnosed with herpes for 2 years. My symptoms havent been like that since then. Off and on, I will experience crazy itching. If your Dr doesnt hav H, he/she more than likely will not understand that these symptoms come a long with H. It varies also with each individual. @2Legit2Quit is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and fights a lot of contiuous OBs and suffers from neuropathy. Reading previous posts will help you. For itchiness or burning heres what I have done or used:


Tea tree oil (its also a natural bacterial and virus killer)

Prep H

Lotrimin or tinactin

Goldbond powder (some ppl say dont use powder but goldbond was very soothing for me)

Soaking in epsom salts)

I have even drenched my lady parts in peroxide with a peribottle

To kill the virus, Ive done such things as drenching a pad with tea tree oil and wearing one for a few hours a day.

If its burning or causing swelling really bad, i ius ice and it helps!


Ive also drenched a washed cloth with alcohol and have worn it as a pad as i slept.

I havent done these "drenching" techniques in a long time bc my symptoms have gotten better with time (as I said, e1's symptoms,and severity of this dis-ease varies)


I take:


D3 (4000 mg bc Im vit D3 difficient. I do not recommend this amount but I take it bc of my difficiency, which Ive also previously posted a link on here showing how this difficiency may be related to my diagnosis)

Vit C 1000 mg

Echinacea with golden seal

1000 mg lysine

25 mg zinc (was told not to take more than 50 mg in vitamin world)

And 500 mg of valcyclovir daily, I up it to 1000 mg if i feel prodome (hehe, my gyn gave me an Rx for 1000mg to take PRN and my GP gave me an Rx for 500 so that's how Ive been able to get diff mg's)


Valcyclovir makes me very thirsty so through out the day, I do my best to stay hydrated. I find that the more hydrated I am, the less nausea I feel from the meds. I also avoid beverages high in caffeine(Hard to do bc i LOVE sweet tea). I find drinking lots of coffee triggers the virus. Supposedly arganine triggers this so I stay away from foods that contain nuts. Supposedly, wine does that too and I find if I drink a lot if alcohol, it triggers it. All in all, diet plays a part too so you may want to consider making a few changes with your diet.


@WCSDancer also has some good remedies and there are previous posts that can help you with home remedies. You will also find that others may have the same symptoms as you as well. Welcome to the forum: it's comforting to know that youre not a lone.

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It could be Intertrigo. It's probably got a yeast infection component to it, as well. You can try cortisone cream for some immediate relief, but long term you have to do other stuff, like make sure it dries completely after showering, using a diaper rash type of cream, and plain dial soap or some tea tree soap can help, too. I get it under my breasts and occasionally in my butt crack and even behind my ear.

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Just in case it's herpes, herpes zoster or something, I wouldn't put steroid cream on it. Spray Bactine on it. Bactine numbs it and dries it out. I have had the reddness down my crack that itched a tiny, but it felt more like a paper cut and when my cheeks out spread ever so slightly from standing up from the sitting position, it would kinda feel like my skin was going to tear and like it was very thin. Thanks a tree oil would probably light your ass on fire, literally putting it on that area and it's easy to burn your skin w it, if not diluted enough. I stay away from that stuff for me personally, especially because the smell is so strong. I can smell it through pants.


Yip, coffee I found was triggering me. I need my caffeine, so I switched to the Starbucks strawberry refresher, because it has the extract of green coffee beans for caffine, but doesntthave all the arginene or however you spell it, like coffee does.


For some reason, only liquor triggers obs for me, wine and beer doesn't. I have to assume it's the highly processed sugar and garbage in it.


@as89 when are you going to see a rheumatologist? The fact that your mom has MS and you've had other skin condition other places, it really makes me believe you have some autoimmune issue going on. I would be shocked if you didn't. You've been having this breakouts down below for how long and then taken a blood test like a yr after those symptoms started too and came out negative right?

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Yea Elise I'm really thinking this isn't h because I had a little outbreak last night and put the alum on it and it was pretty much gone today.. I put alum on my rear and it hasn't budged in weeks. I'm guna go to the doc and see what she says. Mama is a nurse and I talked to her about it and doesn't think it's h either. And 2legit thanks for the response I know you're busy on here! I have been having outbreaks back to back .. Well I thought it was h but now starting to think it's something else cuz it's just on my butt not my usual labia spots. The labia spots are healing up fairy quickly now opposed to the past when thy would last for weeks.

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So I never ended up going to the doctor but i looked up intertrigo and it said steroid topical treatment helps. I actually already had some so

I figured what the hell I'll try it out at this point I'd pretty much do anything to stop the itch on my poor behind! What do you know? Went away in two days!!!! Guess it wasn't H afterall. After that went away I Started seeing a little redness on my labia so I drenched it in bactine and then put some alum on it and bam the redness was gone a day or so later. my body is finally getting this little fucker under control! Woooo it's a great day!

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