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Tricky question about Type 1 & 2 infectiousness

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So I've just been diagnosed with Type 1 after a blood test. A girl I was with a month ago told me she has both so I went for a blood test but yes I know I could have had it for ages. I've never had any outbreaks or symptoms. We had protected sex but not unprotected oral sex.


My question is, now that I have Type 1, Do I not have to worry about getting type 1 "again". Does it mean I won't "get" Type 1 herpes if I give unprotected oral sex to someone else with Type 2? Or can a new infection cause it to get worse? (might sound 'silly' but I'm sure there are lots of silly questions from newbies). I am aware of the risk of catching other Stis yes but am specifically asking about herpes.


Can I still get Type 2 now or am I more "immune" to that since I have antibodies already? What are the chances/risks? I know that using condoms greatly reduces this risk but will be seeing this girl again and want to make an informed decision.

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1. Because you were positive only a month after infection, you already had HSV 1. Takes 3-4 months to build antibodies at a detectable level.

2. You already have oral HSV 1, so nothing to worry about, but yes, there's a chance you coukd still get it done there. The HSV types don't change from one type to another, based on location. You can get HSV 1 in both places. 2 doesn't like the mouth and is like 2% of the cases. It' rare, but it still can happen getting HSV 2 in the mouth. You already have HSV 1.... Nothing to worry about getting it orally, from oral sex w someone w ghsv 2.

2. You don't have antibodies to HSV 2, because your test was negative and if you did get it, which isn't very likely; it would take 3-4 months to show in blood.

3. Is she taking antivirals? The risk is pretty low. Sex 3xs a week for a yrz risk w the following caveats are as follows.

* no meds or condoms: 4%

*condoms or meds: 2%

*condoms and antivirals: 1%

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Yes those stats are for ghsv2 and having intercourse. Yes, it can be that low, bit still always a risk. O got it one time from sex w someone who lied to me, alas, it was unprotected and I'm sure he wasn't on antivirals. My beat guy friend was w his ex for 7yrd and she had it and he never got it.


I'm not sure what your question is about two weeks to six months?

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That's not a good site at all. . even lab testing sites will tell you that's not the case to come up positive in 2 weeks. If you did, it's because it would be the wrong test, like a combined w IgM. It's 3 months the earliest, 6 months in the max it could take for someone, but very rare w herpes. Something like HIV, that can happen w, because it will go dormant in blood cells and antibodies go through a life cycle... They don't stay alive forever, they go through abdie off stage. So someone who day is HIV infected, could immediately have the virus go into dormacy and antibody count so low, it's undectable.... That virus behaves very different than H... So is it possible? Possibly .. More then exception, than the rule.

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It's possible to get HSV1 genitally if you already have it orally but the chances are lower because you have the antibodies.... I'd say just be cautious, make sure that if she thinks she's got something going on that *might* be an outbreak, you just find other ways to play.


Yes you can get HSV2 ... it's interesting that HSV2 protects from HSV1 to some extent, but HSV1 doesn't return the favor, so you do want to be cautious... if she uses Valtrex though your risk will be quite low.


These links should help you with understanding the risks 🙂




Handouts + disclosure e-book:


Herpes facts video


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