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Ugh so confused and worried. Looking for any advice to ease my mind

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Okay so this is the timeline of the events. (Also, 3 1/2 weeks before the encounter I had a csection that did not go very well and there were complications)


Jan 9th: unprotected sex with a guy who knew he had herpes but did not mention it until after.


About a week later (I think it was a week) I started having itching, burning, discharge, but no sores. I did have cuts but the doctor believes those are from me continuously rubbing my pad against my vaginal area because of the itching. When I was examined my vaginal area was inflamed and burning very badly but the doctor dismissed herpes and sent me off with fungal cream.


Tested negative at 2 and 4 weeks.


At 4 weeks took monistat in hopes to get rid of symptoms. Within 24 hours all symptoms were gone. I told the doctor about this and she said if those symptoms were herpes related monistat would have done nothing for them. I've also heard about monistat causing a horrible burning feeling with someone that's experiencing herpes symptoms and mistakes it for a yeast infection.


Test done between 6 and 7 weeks: negative


Had a pelvic exam at 7 weeks and came back positive for Strep B. Which I read can cause symptoms sort of similar to herpes as in the burning/itching/etc.


Then had continuous all over tingling/numbness feeling. Doctor does not believe it to be herpes related because it's continuous and is not in a specific spot. And I've had no sores.


A little over a week ago I had protected sex with my ex, who knows about my exposure. The tingling sensation became much worse and there was sort of a burning feeling but it wasn't really burning if that even makes sense. I noticed a week after this 3 cuts on my anus. However they didn't look like blisters to me. Right before this I had come done with a 24 hour flu bug and (tmi) but had watery diarrhea so a part of me thinks maybe that could've caused the cuts. When I went to the bathroom after I was no longer sick and noticed the cuts they did bleed. My anus was itchy but it could just be due to the cuts healing of course: I was unable to get them looked at because by the time I could there wouldn't have been anything to swab.


I have a 14 week test scheduled on April 19th but I'm so terrified. I know it's not the end of the world if I have it but still..


Also, a lot of people talk about swollen lymph nodes in their groin area after contracting herpes but I have not had that.

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@hippyherpy I had the IGG between 6 and 7 weeks and it was negative. From what I read from Terri Warren that works for Westover Heights like 70 some perfect of people test positive by then but I have a 14 week test scheduled for the 19th

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Hello and Welcome!


Hate to say it but you are going to have to go on blood tests, and even at 14 weeks you may be too early to get a definite result... we recommend 4 months. Certainly those other tests were a total waste of time and money because unless you already had H, it wouldn't show up that soon.


It's possible you had a yeast infection even if you have H... given that the guy didn't bother to tell you he has H (Which we frown upon here... we strongly advocate for disclosure before any sexual encounter), odds are he may well be quite careless about his sex life. It's possible for a man to carry yeast infections and have no symptoms. They can also carry HPV and not know it as they can't be tested for it. So I would suggest in future that you ALWAYS use a condom with anyone who you don't know their sexual history... whether you have H or not.


The "cuts" *could* be H - could be irritation from the diarrhea - if you get one that is large enough that it's oozing, I'd get it swabbed ASAP after it comes up. Swabs give a better diagnosis if you manage to get them when the area is shedding, which is usually right after the sore/ulcer comes up.


You may also just be dealing with the fact that your immune system is quite compromised from the pregnancy, and subsequent surgery. While you are waiting on the test, I'd start taking some good probiotics and remove as much sugar and white flour from your diet and see if that helps - if it's a yeast issue, odds are your bio-flora in your vagina (and possibly even your digestive system) are really out of balance which might explain why you succumbed to the stomach flu as well.


The thing with H is that it can show up very differently in different people. So not everyone gets swollen lymph glands, or the blisters... given that 80% of the population never has a recognizable outbreak, you can see that it can be hard to give a diagnosis based purely on symptoms.


Hope that helps a bit!

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