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Gave it to my daughter?

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@MMissouri - we are away on vacation, when she complains of the sensations it is only for like 5 minutes or so and then they go away which to me is more indicative of herpes. She complained twice the day before yesterday but nothing yesterday, so I'm not going to take her until we get home, and then even then there is nothing they can do unless there is another sore they can swab.

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No it's ok.... We were in the water and she said she had to get out because she felt pain and burning down there.... Then an hour later started complaining of a poking feeling right at the same area between her thigh and butt cheek. It's right where I tend to get nerve pains as well. So it really worried me. And her language a poking feeling. Reminded me of nerve pain. She said it felt like something sharp

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I've answer this post 5 times now and deleted it because I'm afraid it will be taken offensively. I'm just going to apologize in advance lol.


Kids are prone to many things. It sounds as if you all are spending a lot of time in the water. This could be preventing the spot from healing (regardless of what caused it).If you are still worried about this spot (Is it even there anymore?) you might want to keep her out of the pool until it goes away.


Also, as a person that has played in the pool many times, there are muscle spasms, pulls, etc. that I remember getting here and there. One pain used to occasionally shoot up my thigh and end in the crease between my thigh and butt, and I was convinced I wasn't going to be able to walk again. It only happened when I moved my leg a certain way. Sometimes it's hard to describe pains, and shooting/burning/stabbing etc. can mean anything. Not just nerve pain.


I can give you many possibilities of what could possibly be going on, but if you have already convinced yourself it is herpes, there is no point.


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