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Should I get the IGG test?

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I have had GH for 2 years. My primary outbreak was pretty typical. I had the left leg pain, chills, body aches, headache. My lower back hurt and it hurt to go to the bathroom. I had about 10 bumps all together. I was diagnosed visually by my gyno and I've been on daily suppressive therapy since. I haven't had an OB since except for extreme redness and maybe a bump or 2 when I got off the meds. I guess my question is, at this point, is it worth going get an IGG test to see of it's 1 or 2? I would say that I have HSV 2 due to the fact I have to stay on suppressive meds and I currently still have issues with the left leg pain, but I can't be sure. The guy that I'm pretty sure that I got it from performed oral on me and we had protected sex.

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I would say get the test. Its always good to know witch type you have. I was never able to get a positive swab back in the day. 27 years later I had an IgG done and it confirmed type 2. Knowing the type will help you figure out the risk factors for your partner if they are hsv negative.

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I agree - it's funny because Dr's don't think it's important, but if you are dating, IMO it IS because if you happen to have got HSV1 from the oral, and the next person you date has cold sores, then it sorta cancels itself out as you both have it - but if you have one kind and the other person has the other one, then you need to discuss precautions.


If a Dr tries to poo poo doing the test, tell them what I just said about dating... if they still try to stop you, go to Planned Parenthood and tell them you were told by someone you had been with about 6 months ago that they think they have Herpes and you've had some odd rashes ... that will get them to test you. I hate telling people to lie but sometimes you have to in order to get the tests and/or meds for H because of the poor education that most GP's have about H.

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@Sassy2543 It's worthwhile to know your type if you are in a position of wanting to assess risk (of transmitting and contracting) in a partnership. You can't tell whether you have HSV1 or HSV2 from symptoms alone. And you may have both. Some people with HSV2 have no symptoms at all. Some people with GHSV1 have bothersome recurring symptoms.


I see it stated often that GHSV1 has milder symptoms than HSV2 and I think that can be interpreted in multiple ways, some inaccurate. This is my understanding:


- Most people with GHSV1 and HSV2 have no symptoms or symptoms so mild they are mistaken for something else such as jock itch, pimple, ingrown hair, razor burn, yeast infection.


- A minority of people (somewhere between 10-20%) with both types do have symptoms recognizable as genital herpes, though a subset of that minority will only have one outbreak (initial outbreak) and no recurring outbreaks. Having only one outbreak is more common among those with GHSV1 and those who contracted HSV2 after already being infected orally with HSV1, but it does happen that way for many people with HSV2, as well.


- Some people with GHSV1 do have bothersome recurring outbreaks, though recurring outbreaks are more common among people with HSV2.


- For the minority of both types (HSV2, GHSV1) that get recurring outbreaks, those with HSV2 are likely to get more frequent outbreaks. Additionally, on average, there is significantly more asymptomatic shedding with HSV2 than GHSV1.



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Thanks everyone! I think I'll look into getting it done. I have had unprotected sex during the past 2 years and have never transmitted it which makes me feel better about the fact that I am learning my body and knowing what to look for but I do agree that knowing which type would help me to better protect my partner.

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I tell people to NEVER go to a GP for ANYTHING to do with your sex life. They are GENERAL practitioners, and often misinterpret tests and give out bad/incorrect info.


Go to either an OBGYN (who you should ALWAYS go to for the lady bits and the Ta-Ta's!) or Planned Parenthood or an STD clinic.


Odds are your STD panel didn't include Herpes - you usually have to ask specifically for it, even with a "Full STD Panel" :(

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