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Valtrex eye or facial Edema side effect

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Hi all, I am new to this diagnosis and this forum. I have lots of questions to ask but I wanted to start with one of my quick and easy ones. I have allergies and sinus problems just as a preface to this and I usually try to keep up with allergy eye drops. I have noticed I have been having swelling and edema in my eyes (bilateral) on the upper lids with little to no mattering in the mornings. The eyes are not itchy like infection. And I am very careful with my eye as I have limited vision and getting herpes infection in my eye has made me wash my hands (obsessively, but that is a story for another post).


I took valtrex during my initial outbreak but had another outbreak within about a week so I asked for suppressives. Now I am wondering if the valtrex is causing this puffy and swollen eyelids thing.


Anyone have any thoughts or xperience? I want to stay on the suppressive as i am hoping it helps with the outbreaks and may anxiety for this first year.


I plan to try sleeping with my head elevated this evening and am hoping this helps but wanted some experts (real life ones).



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@Cheezit I have zero medical education but I think edema of eyelids is a symptom you'd want to take seriously, whether related to Valtrex or not. I may be way, way off here, but swelling of eyelids can be related to kidney function issues, as can itching, and Valtrex is recommended for people with normal kidney function. Eyelid swelling can also be related to heart and blood pressure issues. I would take that symptom seriously. Even if you do trial and error by temporarily stopping Valtrex and the symptoms subside, I would get yourself checked out in case it's a sign of an underlying condition that was only made more obvious by taking the meds.


Those with medical experience should feel free to jump in and correct me if what I'm suggesting is nonsense.

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So I think I solved this one myself. I also take a sleeping pill with anxiety and, since I have been anxious since my diagnosis, I have taken it fairly often. Apparently one of the rare side effects it's this very thing. One mystery solved. Only like a million more left.


Thanks for the response.


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