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First month seems nonstop OB

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I have a lot of questions and anxiety. I was certain I was infected on the weekend of July fourth. Since that weekend I have had a hard time getting one peaceful day. I started with mainly pain with urination. I went to the clinic first but had no lesions. Blood test done. NExt peed in a cup and got antibiotics at an urgent care. At this point, everyone was pretty much laughing at me but I just had feeling. All urine came back negative. I went to a new gyn on the 10th. The day before I got there I found a small red spot on my left butt cheek and still having pain with urination. She scraped and said it looked like a contact dermatitis and Sadi I would be in a lot more pain if it was herpes when she was scraping.


Two days later I got the call that she had called in a prescription for me and that she was surprised. My lesions are not painful for the most part but I had ALL the systemic flu like symptoms for about three weeks. I think I went from one outbreak into another that was internal (vaginal and anal). I did my first round of Valtrex then did a second round when I told them I thought I was having a second outbreak. Now I have a small spot that I think is a third outbreak.


I am trying to keep my head up and be positive. I know that there are plenty of people who don't take care of themselves who should be more embarrassed about issue and doctors they have then I should be with this. I mean all I did was have sex!!!! But I still have a lot of anxiety and I feel like these outbreaks just keep coming. I


Is this just a patience issue? Should I see another doctor? WHen do you see an Infectious disease specialist? I am a nervous wreck about this whole thing and I know that is making it worse.


I guess I am just looking for guidance or reassurance.


Oh and I am doing about 1500 of lysine and other vitamins each day.


Thanks for listening

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It occurred to me I should also mentions have lot of anxiety and OCD. I have gone back to my gyn for extra info since the phone call wasn't enough. But I also have upped my visits to my therapist. Since I have been diagnosed, I have OCD symptoms that have been crazy (literally). The day I went for my Drs visit, I washed my hands 35 times -- the appt was at 830 am. I also have convinced my self I have given myself this on my face, my eyes, my liver, or had liver cancer. Parkinson's and multiple other conditions. I just feel such a loss of control and am so stressed about this situation.


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Hi Cheezit,


I don't have much advice to offer you as I've only been diagnosed for 1 week. I have a boatload of anxiety over this as well, have been washing my hand constantly, feel as though I am spreading it to everyone I walk past, as well as my own eyes, mouth, face, and whatever I touch!


I understand to feeling of being out of control and the stress is unbelievable. You are not alone!

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Hi Cheezit. The first outbreak is the worst. So I'm wondering if it could be possible that you are still going through the first one (meaning it's not completely gone and popping up elsewhere) rather than actually healing from one and then having another? Are you having days in between with no symptoms (bumps) at all? (Just wanted to get some clarification there)


There are a few thing you could try. You could see if you could switch meds. Maybe what you are on isn't going to work for you as far as getting the virus under control. Or perhaps you can get a continuous script and see if taking it on a regular basis gives you some relief. Another option is to treat the outbreaks from the outside. Keeping the area dry, reducing friction (going commando if necessary), and doing things like taking epsom salt baths.


And yes, patience helps a little while your body is getting accustomed to the virus. Unfortunately, the first 6 months/year is an adjustment period. I would not switch doctors just yet, or worry about infectious disease specialists at this point. If my math is right, you've had this just about a month. It should get better with time. I would try to focus on reducing your stress/anxiety. Herpes loves stress. If you can find a way to alleviate some of your worries, it just might help too.

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@MMissouri I thought that about the first one. I don't think it has ever completely gone. When I went for an exam she thought it had because the one small spot had cleared but that was external I felt like I had some internal that maybe she didn't see. Most days so far I have been at least itchy or felt "crawly and creepiness" or just random shooting pains. I would say I haven't had one completely symptom free day. Making me jealous of people who have recovered soooo quickly.

I do realize I am lucky that my sores are not as painful as others have said theirs are.

I have had so few external bumps and sores that I have been wondering if I have ever really gotten all the way through my initial outbreak.

I started suppressives last week but up until then I have been back and forth off and on the valtrex. I went up to two again yesterday b/c I felt like I had a new "spot" that was painful but I don't see an area with bumps but it feels like a small cut / hemmoriod.

Its confusing and I feel like no one gives much information to start with.

Thanks for the response.

I know about the stress and it sucks b/c I have such bad anxiety about my life right now.



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Then I would definitely look into having a continuous script for awhile rather than going on and off the meds. This is completely up to you of course. Some people feel that continuously taking the medications makes your immune system weaker at controlling it on its own. Meaning when you stop the meds, the outbreaks might pick up where they left off. But this will lessen as your immune system adapts.


She may not have seen anything to alert her but since some people have papercut/ different types of lesions (not noticeable), sometimes visual exams aren't the best. Herpes is confusing. So many different outbreaks, symptoms, etc. It's not a textbook virus for sure, and it's one that has stumped the medical community for years.

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@cheezit I hope you are feeling better! I finally had a chance to see my OB/GYN (I love her) we had a very long talk. She said I'm all healed up from my first out break and she did loads of reassuring. Although I'm still somewhat anxious, I grab the mirror at every twinge, I will hopefully settle down and start accepting this "new life". One good thing is that I did talk to the two people I've been with in the past 3 years and they were very supportive and understanding.

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@Cheezit...my first ob 30+ yrs ago (one lesion inside) drug on for weeks and was very painful. After that it seemed rough sex brough them on so lots of lube took care of that. I was 23 so periods brought it on also. I never had prodrome I would just wake up and whala...there it would be.


These days (I'm 58) weight train 6 days per week, eat clean every two hrs and get lots of rest...I was down to 5 ob's per year with no anti viral. Started anti viral about 5 months ago and have had zero obs. Husband of 20 yrs is H-....we use condoms..


My gyno is completely on board obout H and says it's so common......meaning soooo many people have it. Always made me feel completely at ease talking about it.


This gets easier in time or I should say for me it did. I virtually never think about it

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