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I survived my first year... but have been struggling with a mild rash.

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Update/story/question time lol I apologize for the long message.


My one year anniversary since being diagnosed was a few weeks ago. :O It was a pretty horrible year, I can't believe I survived it.I honestly felt like death for a good while, but I can say I feel mentality stronger now, and I am proud about how I decided to handle the situation. I educated myself and for a good while I felt like I needed to tell every close friend possible and educate them in hopes that they would protect themselves.Also,to be honest part of me was hoping someone would come out and share that they also had genital herpes. A couple of them confessed to having cold sores, but I could tell they saw hsv2 as worse. Anyways I decided to stop telling people because a few of them continued to have unprotected sex with multiple people. I realized my story didn't influence them enough to make a change and that really offended me! Especially because i've never been promiscuous so to catch this felt very unfair. Although we all know herpes doesn't discriminate. Yay for equality lol. Sometimes I have evil thoughts about telling them that just because they have no symptoms that it doesn't mean they don't already have it, but I would never and I truly don't wish this upon anyone.


Recently my guy best friend passed away and that has changed my perspective about where and who I should be spending my energy on. My dad once told me that I should cry over people that matter and not over people that don't. The day Ricky passed away, I realized that crying over my giver was a waste and that crying over my best friend was worth every tear.


I've been on suppressive therapy for the past 3 months since my last horrible OB that ended up being like my primary >.<.

I've been doing pretty well on it. haven't had a blister in 2 months BUT I am having mild rashes and for the past 3 weeks they come and go. It's really frustrating because it gets in the way of working out my legs and if you lift you know how important leg day is lol. I've noticed that my skin where I get the rash is extra sensitive now because it gets irritated so easily. My underwear starts chaffing the bottom part my inner glutes. Even my cotton ones :/. It could be from stressing about school, my best friend's death, about running into my giver at school and about not being able to workout :(. As soon as I get home I take off my underwear to get some relief lol. If only I could wear a skirt to the gym and be pantiless while I do some heavy squats lmao. *sigh* So I am here to ask for any kind of advice! Help! Also, does any one suggest a specific underwear brand?




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