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Worried I have herpes or worse. Mind is in chaos!


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I am just about terrified right now. I am worried I have herpes or worse. On Saturday November 19th I had sex with female friend of mine who I personally know has had a boatload of sexual partners. I saw no blisters on her lips or her vagina. I performed oral sex on her once with no barrier for maybe 5 minutes. Then I performed oral on her with no barrier. We did very little kissing. It was mostly penetration and we did with a latex condom that did not break. I did cuddle with her with no rubber on and her vaginal secretions came in contact with my penis.


The next day after sex I noticed my throat was really sore and I felt sick. I thought it was just a cold. Then a woman I was seeing previously told me rumors were going around that she had herpes. This terrified me. I got sicker and sicker that week and went to the hospital Saturday the 26th. They gave me blood and urine tests and were testing for stds. I dont know till tomorrow or Friday and I am petrified.


My current symptoms have been flu like symtoms, not much appetite, stomach was mucousy, it burns when I pee, it literally feels like there is something in the opening of my penis, and my urine has smelled bad. My appetite and energy are back now but still that feeling like there is a needle shoved in the tip of my penis. However I have looked over my penis, testicles and thighs and there is not a single bump, lesion, or anything present. And it doesnt hurt at all. HELP!

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- You wore a condom during penetration, so there should be no reason why you'd feel a needle like pain in the tip. If you caught herpes from protected sex with her, it would be on the exposed areas of skin especially if you had a cut from shaving.


- That blood and urine test likely won't cover herpes, so don't worry about them saying you have it.


- Sore throat and sickness sounds more like some yeast or bacterial infection. I wouldn't link it to the flu-like symptoms people describe with herpes.


- Did you eat asparagus or something? Smell of urine can be heavily influenced by what you eat. If not, again I wouldn't link that to herpes.


Relax and what will be, will be. I think you'll be fine.

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So I went to get my test results. Apparently they tested me for everything EXCEPT herpes simplex 1 and 2. All negative results came back on all other stds.I talked to the professional person delivering my test results. I told him about the painful feeling in the opening of my penis. He told me that he could say confidentally that I dont have herpes because none of my symtoms were reminescent with herpes.


I felt great until today. Today I looked at my penis head very close. It seemed to be slightly red with what may or may not be tiny tiny red dots on it. Dots are maybe the size of pinheads or maybe they arent there. Maybe its just my imagination. If Iouch the area it doesnt hurt at all. And I see what may or may not be bumps but I cant feel any bumps.Also the area doesnt itch at all and is not painful. It feels like chaffed skin. Does this sound like a beginning outbreak? Im worried again

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Yeah I had the flu like symptoms of herpes and the uti thing for a while. Then this rash popped up. However it didnt itch, and it didnt hurt either. It lasted one day and it was gone. I felt no bumps eithet. It was just gone the next day. From what I have read, if this was my first outbreak it would be the worst. It would be very painful, more and more bumps would appear, I would literally be able to pop the herpes like pimples (which there were no pimples) and I couldnt pop them. Also they would then crust over. I think I am in the clear do you?

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I've never heard of someone immediately having an outbreak like that (within 24 hrs) so I would guess you simply came down with an infection and are linking it to the sex, which most likely had nothing to do with it. Odds are you were exposed to some type of virus within a few days prior to having sex (the flu like symptoms).


If you really want a peace of mind, get the blood test. A positive doesn't mean she gave you herpes, simply that you've got the virus. And just a warning for future sexual encounters- it doesn't matter if she's slept with 1 or 100 people. Heck, she could be a virgin with cold sores and give you genital HSV1. Use this as a chance to brush up on your STD facts.

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You used a condom which was very wise on your part. Female to male risk is low to begin with and add a condom lowers your risk even more. Probably all coincidentally coincided with the sex. Maybe some sort of reaction to ther condom as far as rash goes. I think you are fine. Keppra us updated

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MMousouri yeah you are probably right. And the woman was a nurse too. So what likely could have happened is she brought some virus from her sick patients home with her. Plus I have had very little sex in my life. My first time I was drunk and could even get it up for penetration. We only had oral. That was a one night stand. The second woman was in August. I flew out to Texas anfmd had sex with her. I had oral and unprotected sex with her. But she recently got tested and she had no herpes or other stds. The woman I just had sex with was a one night stand. I had oral with her unprotected but we used a latex condom. Plus I dont think I have seen any herpes on me. I would think I would know.

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Katidid I went back to the std clinic where I was tested and asked the doctor about it. He said everything I described didnt sound like herpes. I asked him about the uti and rash as well. Well I feel like a moron but I literally masturbated with handsoap. He told me that was likely where the rash and the uti came from. The rash lasted one day. Thats it. No bumps I dont believe. Nothing liquid filled. Nothing crusted over. No pain. No itching either. I think I am good. What do you all think?

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Thank you so much for responding. Its like everytime I masturbate too much or or get one small itch now I think I have herpes. I cant turn it off. I want to be blood tested but physicians say it could take up to 16 weeks for it to show up in your blood. Mentally this is hell for me. But you help my anxiety at least.

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