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Increased prodrome symptoms with Valtrex?

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Hi all....I'm new to posting, but I have been reading posts since February when I was diagnosed. Since my ex-husband tested negative, I know I've had herpes for at least 20 years and just didn't know it.


Since my diagnosis, I've really been paying attention to my body and figuring out what the prodrome symptoms (like the tingling zingers) feel like and what my outbreaks are like. I started on Valtrex soon after the diagnosis even though I wasn't seeing anyone. I stopped six months later because the prodrome symptoms were so ridiculously frequent. Now that I've stopped Valtrex, I rarely feel the zingers anymore.


Has anyone else experienced this with Valtrex? Is it possible acyclovir would be better? I may actually re-enter the dating world this next year and would like to have an anti-viral option I can tolerate. Going back on Valtrex would drive me crazy!!

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I was diagnosed with hsv 2 a year ish ago and the doctor gave me famcyclovir which made me feel like i was about to diiiieee. I couldn't breathe and my heart would be pounding. I tried being off meds but would get constant prodome symptoms but not many outbreaks after. I recently got on valcyclovir a month and a half ago and my symptoms are gone and i have been outbreak free. I feel wayyyy better on it. I guess it depends on your body? I've never tried acyclovir though but i see many people on here are given that. Just try something else. What works for me apparently doesn't for you but maybe the one that didn't work for me might help you. Good luck!

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HikingGirl....yes, I experienced exactly what you mentioned. I started Valtrex and had prodrome symptoms daily, but no ob. I had never had prodrome symptoms prior to Valtrex and I've had H over 30 yrs. I switched to Acyclovir and in two weeks all prodrome was gone.

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Good to know, @Katidid! I was at the doctor's recently for something else and asked her for an acyclovir prescription. It's only been about a week since I've been on it, so I'm just paying attention for now. I've felt a few tingles here and there, but nothing like the Valtrex. It's comforting to hear others have experienced something similar and to know I wasn't losing my mind. :-)

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