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Pregnancy and herpes

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Hey ladies!


I just found out I'm pregnant...not sure how far along yet and I won't see my doctor until jan 10.


I'm not sure if I'm at risk being pregnant and also having hsv1.i found out early this year and haven't had any other outbreaks since my initial one. I don't take meds for the H. I can say H hasn't been a problem for me. And I'm truly thankful for that.


I would love if any of you could share your experience if ever got pregnant while having H and how your pregnancy went.



Thank you!!!' God bless you all!

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My pregnancies were like any other. I had three girls post diagnosis and they are all fine. I don't normally take antivirals but the last few weeks of pregnancy they put me on them just in case. When you go into labor they will do an exam to make sure you are not having an active outbreak. If not- things go on as normal. If so, they will talk to you about having a c-section.



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Hello MMissouri!


Thank you for responding! Just like you stated I did hear that the doctor may put someone on antiviral at the end of pregnancy to avoid any complications. In my case I'll be having a c section. Had one with my first two and I'm sure he'll do a repeat c section for my third. So I guess the only risk of H while being pregnant is if you deliver vaginally right?


I was just concerned if it would affect the baby's health or not. Thank you once again! It is truly comforting to know your pregnancies went perfect!


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I had repeat c sections as well. Nothing to do with herpes, but their reluctance to come out lol. And yes, the risk is during vaginal birth. I took the antivirals anyway (even though I knew my last would be a csection since my vbac ended up going nowhere) just for a peace of mind.


There are many woman on the forum that have had successful vaginal births with no consequences. I believe the risk is mainly with those that get herpes in the last trimester.


You're very welcome!

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Oh I see. It's good to hear positive stories. It does help give me a peace of mind.


I'll talk to my doctor about all this as well once I see him. As I mentioned I haven't had any outbreak since my initial one early this year when I found out I had H. And I hope it stays that way haha. But I've heard that for some women pregnancy can cause outbreaks. So let's hope that's not my case because I hate taking those huge horse pills haha. I took them for ten days when I had my initial outbreak and ten days felt like an eternity lol.


For now I'll take it one day at a time. Thank you so soooo much for giving me positive information!!!


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