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My Herpes update. No more outbreaks. Dont give up!

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I havent been on any Herpes forums for years but I thought it is only right that seeing as my herpes outbreaks have finally subsided I share my own experience.


Im male and I caught HSV2 from unprotected sex with a girl around a 6 or 7 years ago and I believe my case of herpes was extremely bad, and I mean REALLY bad, even when I had it first looked at the doctors could believe how bad it was, I was in agony. Maybe my immune system wasnt good, maybe it is because I was hungover and my body weakened as a result, who knows. Does it even matter... NO!


I was very annoyed because I wasnt offered any antivirals from day one, which I always felt may have been a contributing factor in how often i subsequently got outbreaks, and I got outbreaks often, probably around twice a month for years. Anything would set it off and I honestly thought it would never improve, I wasnt taking antivirals initially but after a few years I sought help and started taking Acyclovir tablets daily which made little difference I believe, apart from I suspect, thinning my hair.


Id say stress is definitely the main contributing factor in outbreaks, much more so than diet. Admittedly my diet now is amazing so maybe that helps. Now thankfully I have reached a stage where I dont get outbreaks at all, and my life is very stressful or should I say I am a very stressed out person. Sometimes it looks a little sore and sometimes get the tingling sensation, usually only when im feeling run down and the sores/ blisters thankfully dont seem to materialise.

Basically to cut a long story short, dont give up, I nearly did, but I carried on and now as I say I never get outbreaks and I never take antivirals. Yes it took me around 6 years but I genuinely think I had/ have a very bad case or strain of the virus.


If my outbreaks have reduced to almost never then that sais a lot, it really does, and that why I am writing this thread, because yours im sure will get better with time aswell. To anyone reading this, please just have faith, it may seem hoepeless now and I know how you are feeling. But dont give up, once your outbreaks ease off, you dont even know its there and you practically never think about it. You can look at it negatively till the cows come home and have regrets etc but it will only make your condition worse. Just try to get on with life as best you can, try not to think about it. You have it, its always going to be there in your nerves of spine but who cares? Really, its only you that knows and worries. Do what you can to keep the outbreaks down like improving diet and reducing stress levels and I promise you it will get better, sooo much better.


Remember, you are not alone and Herpes is only as bad as you make yourself believe it is. Worrying about things doesnt maske them go away. I wish you all the best of luck :)

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