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Husband Has Herpes; Do I?

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Hey, So my husband, who is in his 30s, just got diagnosed with Herpes 1 & 2. While he is devastated, I am also pretty upset. I am trying to be there for him and not freak out for me. Every itch, tingle I have right now seems magnified, I am not trying to tell him too much as he is pretty upset right now, understandably.

Which leads me to my questions, please bear with me - I have had an itch on my neck, which has been rather itchy..I looked at it and there seems to be no sores, but does have bumps. I also have two pimples which may or may not be sores around my belly button..I have no sores in my genital region. From what I've seen on the internet, that doesn't seem indicative of herpes, but I was hoping someone who had more experience with this could give me their opinion? (To be honest, every bump on my skin, etc. right now sends my mind reeling.)

Thank you in advance for your insight!

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Have you been tested with an IgG blood test? Chances are, what you're experiencing has nothing to do with herpes. I was married for 15 years and was diagnosed with HSV1 and HSV2 after the divorce. My ex later tested negative for both, meaning I picked up the viruses before we met. All that time I had absolutely no idea. Transmission is possible, but not a given. 87% of those with herpes have no symptoms or the symptoms are so mild they're mistaken for something else. I highly recommend the book written by Terri Warren for more detailed information (available on Amazon). I know this is a big shock for you. I'm sure it is for your husband as well. Getting educated is one of the best things you can do right now to help move both of you forward. {{hugs}}

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Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it! I will check out the book.


I have not been tested with an IgG blood test. We both decided, that we are going to forgo me being tested at the moment.(I don't think we could handle much more news right now)


I appreciate the response! Thank you again!


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Sorry to hear about your husband. From experience it's a pretty rotten thing to go through.


The symptoms you describe are not indicative of herpes. Still, you should eventually be tested. That way you'll know if you have to take precautions with your husband.


Remember that there is a >50% chance you have hsv1 based on nothing other than prevalence across the entire population.

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Sorry for the delay in response. We've been visiting family. Thank you for responding! Yep, I plan to. That's what I keep trying to tell myself when I get sad/upset about his diagnosis; I probably have it already but just am not showing any symptoms.


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Sorry to hear about your situation. How did everything turn out?


I’m in the same situation now, I’m married and I’ve just been diagnosed but I’ve never had an OB part from in my thumb. I was shocked to find out.


My wife is getting tested this week but given she has never a noticeable outbreak either we weren’t sure if it was best to just leave and carry on as usual?!


Wishing you all the best!



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