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How do you have the herpes talk?

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I just found out that I have HSV2 and I am trying to figure out how do I have the talk with the people that are the closest to me... I am lost for words because I don't understand it's like everything happened over night and I filled with so many emotions. I am a very sensitive person I know that I will cry having the talk because I can be over emotional and this is life changing for me. However, the person that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with I know he probably wont accept this which is leaving me feeling like I will be by myself. How do I deal?

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Hi, you don't have to tell everyone who's close to you. Just tell the people you know will be suppportive. The only exception is to always tell someone you are going to be intimate with.


I have told my sister , my best friend and my mum - they have all supportive. Other than that in 7 years of having this virus I have told 5 people who I went into have relationships with. I just had the fifth chat a few weeks ago and I start by asking if that person has ever had a coldsore and went from there. If you truely believe someone won't accept you, don't be with them and don't tell them.


It's really a minor condition and not a deal breaker for most. Don't tell yourself no one will accept you , that can become a self fufilling prophecy! People won't reject someone for having oral cold sores and it's the same thing just a slightly different strain. Get educated and know your facts before telling someone.


Hope this helps

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Thanks New_Moon you are right I told my younger sister and she cried but I explained it to her and I also told someone that I am dating and he says that its not a deal breaker but I feel like felt this way because we had gotten close and begun to realize our feelings for each other. Thanks for the advice I will definitely only tell certain people.

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I wouldn't go and tell anyone you didn't have to, like a potential sex partner, current or in recent past.

I created a fake phone number and did my first disclosure that way with text so he didn't know who I was...ugh

2nd was direct and face to face


Good luck

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