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My most heartbreaking disclosure

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I've had HSV2 for almost a year now and I've made three disclosures. One noped out, one went ahead and slept with me (before THEN deciding to get back together with his ex - really?!), but the most recent one was the most devastating...


We'd been chatting and getting to know each other for a couple of weeks. Excellent guy, really good chemistry... folks I haven't been that smitten in YEARS. We're trying to take things slow but you know how that sometimes doesn't go as planned - so I slam on the brakes and say, "Okay, but I can't do this because we need to talk first". Turns out (and I feel so utterly stupid for not considering this) that the chronic illness he already has means that catching HSV from me could literally be dangerous for him. We talked - lots of open, honest, communication and tears and mutual supportive things said - and decided that it just wouldn't be worth the risk to his health and the tension it would cause in our relationship to chance it. He actually told me that if it weren't for his condition, he wouldn't care in the least. I can't be angry at him. He's possibly one of the sweetest people I've ever met and I expect he'll continue to be a great friend. But I'm so frustrated and heartbroken by the situation. It just sucks.

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