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Keep getting attention from dudes now that I have H SMH!

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So I've been trying not to give up on dating since I recently found out I had hsv2. I've been really getting along well seeing a guy I also know who has h. He is very handsome and cool to talk to and while I still need to get to know him more, It's nice to have a guy like you or you like a guy and not have to even think or worry about it. I think we'll probably wind up being intimate soon, but taking things slow because you never know with guys. One minute, they're into you, the next they couldn't care less.


But now it's complicated. A friend of mine I've known for a long time basically expressed he wants to get with me, even if it's like only once and I really like him and honestly a few months ago, I would have totally smashed, no hesitation. But I don't want to tell him about my h. Like at all. I don't think I'm ready and I don't want to hurt him or make him feel like I'm friendzoning him, because I wouldn't do that and I actually like him. He's a wonderful, smart, ambitious man. But I'm scared to have to disclose and just have to deal with that or have him look at me differently or as someone who isn't a viable option anymore because I'm basically a walking risk to his health.


This, I think, has been the hardest thing for me. To have guys show interest, and they have been showing a LOT lately. Guys I didn't even think knew I existed! But then when they talk to me and how much they like me all I can do is feel like some kind of poisonous fruit that looks good but will hurt you or like water that looks good to drink but is full of lead.


idk. If anyone has any advice disclosing to someone you've known for a long time and you just found out that would be appreciated.

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You never know they could have it too! Id say about half the guys I dated said me too at talk time.(had it 25 years)


I also wait to see if said guy is even worth telling my secret as dates went on many were not...


If hes that good of a man he wont make you feel bad about it/probably be ok with it. I have been in the known him for a long time but realized we would never work so I never had to tell so I cant help there...


Ive personally never had a man I told reject me because of H and my greatest loves where all non H men.


I say take the leap if you know hes a good man!

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I'm basically a walking risk to his health.

Seriously what the f? This kind of toxic mentality will keep you having the happiness you deserve not herpes. I suggest reading hippyherpy's and herpes veterans posts. Dont blow this out of proportion.

I disclosed to 6 guys, 2 of them ghosted, remaining were super understanding about it and wanted to be with me. So disclosure is no big deal.

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