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How do I take a Shower Now?

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Very new to this, thank you for your patience.


How do I even take a shower now? Just use my regular bar soap and scrub everywhere like there was no problem?


Should a use a separate bar for crotch/affected regions? How can I keep others who use the shower safe?


Thank you again. I hope that some of you are smiling and rolling your eyes. Have a great night.

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I recommend undressing first then turning the water on and testing it with your hand. Once the desired temperature is reached turn on the overhead shower. Double check the temperature using your hand before entering. Step in and wash as necessary. Just kidding, but in all honesty just shower as normal, being gentle with any lesions. You don't need any special soap or anything. There is a slight theoretical risk of HSV being passed via damp towels so maybe don't share towels to be extra extra safe, but I haven't been able to find a documented case of transmission that way.

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My doctor recommended regular soap and water.

Herpes doesn't live outside a host for long at all (I think a few minutes), so things like bars of soap are probably not a risk, unless you actively shower at the same time as someone else.

Personally, I wash myself in the same way as before, except that I throw in an extra hand wash after my junk, but more for peace of mind than practicality.


I would also recommend holding off on shaving effected areas, especially if you just contracted recently. It takes a couple of months for your immune system to catch up after the initial out break. It might be overly cautious, but I recommend not shaving an effected area for that long.

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Soap kills the virus, so don’t worry about it spreading through soap! Same goes for the shower itself. HSV dies within seconds of leaving the body (I have 10 seconds stuck in my head, but don’t quote me on that). There have been no documented cases of someone getting HSV from sharing a towel, but because viruses love warm, moist environments, experts still suggest not rubbing your genitals with a towel and then immediately handing it off to another person just to be safe. Again—we’re talking seconds here, not a towel that has been hanging on a rack overnight.


Shower as usual. Long, hot ones are the best! :)

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