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I stopped dating

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I got herpes from my ex and he was abusive. Was with him from for four years. I met him when I was 18 left at 22. Now I’m damaged recovering domestic violence victim with herpes. I’m very pretty but I feel Dirty. I have disclosed and had good results but the second time was enough to cause me to stop having sex. I was dating this guy we were childhood friends having a wonderful sex lift but he kept slipping our condom off I was on suppressive meds and kept attempting to get him to wear a condom but he wouldn’t. So I knew I needed to disclose he said he would go get tested and continued to have sex with me. But treated me dirty. Like when we was finished he would be like I really need to stop having sex with you. He eventually just stopped having sec with me. No talk and threw away our friendship. I stopped having sex 5 months ago and now I’m scared to date

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Sounds to me like u dodged a bullet girl! He seems as though he is a jerk! Why do you feel dirty. Having herpes has nothing to do with your cleanliness. You’ll get through this and it will make you a stronger person. If you decide to let this tear you down you are letting all those douchy people win. Focus on you because you want to. Take time to yourself because you want to!! Not because someone made you feel less than. At the end of the day we all bleed and no person is any more important than the next! You’ll get through this! You made it out of that abusive relationship didn’t you. That right there took the upmost strength and I have a lot of respect for you for doing so.

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Happy for you... move on. And be happy you can have sex - not all of us can without causing a BO. Hell, I can't even not have sex without getting one.


However, I will say that even on suppressive meds and using condoms - you should disclose prior to sex. Condoms Do Not prevent spread, just greatly reduce the chance of spreading.

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