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Questions to ask my doc

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I am going to see my personal doctor on Monday morning. I say personal, because she's the doc I've seen my whole life. It'll probably still be a bit uncomfortable, but it'll be better than talking to some stranger. I really hate talking about this with doctors but I'm hoping this goes better, because I know her. I am seeing her to clear up some things, because the doctors I have talked to already were just the woman who delivered the news and the doctor at my campus clinic. Neither were very helpful :/ I am also seeing her so she can help me find a therapist to help sort out a few issues that have come with this, just things that I need help finding peace with.


Do you guys have any suggestions for questions I should ask her about H? Anything you wish you'd asked or anything you are glad you asked?

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What sort of things are you hoping to clear up or get answers to by seeing this doctor? What unanswered questions do you have in your mind? What part of the "unknown" is bothering you the most about this virus and your life from this point forward? What sort of reassurances would make you feel better or what part of how to live with herpes are you struggling with most? Are there parts of how to have a healthy sex life you are wondering about or diet or medication? My suggestion is to start making a list of things you are wondering about. Just write and don't censor yourself and take your list with you to the doctor so you have something to refer to. I would suggest you also take notes of what she says or, if you have someone you trust, take them with you so you can talk to them about what she said because sometimes it all seems so overwhelming and after a while she is like Charlie Brown's teacher and you miss half of what was said. I hope you have a great chat with your trusted doctor.


Brenda :)

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Thank you Brenda! Those are all helpful. I am actually going with my sister. She just graduated from nursing school so she is going with to make sure I get all my questions answered and well because she's one of the two people that know about this. I'm really not looking forward to going but I think it needs to be done. 7:45 am appointment so it will be nice getting it out of the way! I will let you know how it goes

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My appointment went really well. My sister went with me for support and to ask additional questions. My doctor answered all my questions and even gave me a few numbers for therapists to see. I'm glad I went in even though I almost cancelled! :)

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me too! I was doing so well, but these past few days have been kind of gloomy. I can't wait to see how therapy goes. I'm just having a hard time deciding between two of them. I know either will help, but I don't want to make a wrong decision. I know I can always switch if I don't connect well with one, but then I have to go through telling my story all over again. I'm fine telling it online, but it's really hard to say out loud :(

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Sorry, I just read your posts. Congratulations!!! I am so glad it went so well. I am so happy for you. :) You will do just fine with the therapist. Once you start talking, it takes away the sting. It takes the bite out of the whole thing for sure. I think it's so healthy for you to be seeing someone right at the beginning. Get your feet under you and you will be off. You are such a lovely soul my dear and I just know you will rise above this and thrive. :) Thanks for letting us know how it went. :)


Lots of love,

Brenda xoxo

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