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I have had herpes for 18 months.. at first my nurse practitioner got it wrong and said it wasn't herpes.. two blood tests came back negative before the positive one finally came back after about 10 ferocious outbreaks lasting weeks in a year.. I contracted herpes from my now ex fiancé who thinks it was me that had herpes all along as he'd never had symptoms. I got my first outbreak 6 days after having unprotected sex with him the first time. I'm not looking to blame I need to know so I can inform previous partners. I think I've come to terms with the fact I have herpes.. I've survived worse. But I need accurate information about moving on and protecting any partner I may have.. I was told that the only safe way was total abstention.. depressing I'm only 41. I feel stupid dirty and alone.. when my family found out they now treat me like I have leprosy.. I've been given anti viral drugs to take constantly but they give me horrendous gastric symptoms. Any support help advice gratefully received. Everything seems to trigger outbreaks.. tiredness. I feel exhausted all the time. I've lost all my previous vitality and gained loads of weight. Sexual activity is a definite trigger. Within 24h it flares up horribly.

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First I understand your pain and frustration with this, I had one horrible ob 4 months from a possible partner don’t know who gave it to me have had that type of ob again I do get burning like sensations sometimes but other than that nothing thank you GOD! This is why my doctor advised me not to tell people because of that it’s not their business to know your business , but it has to be your ex fiancé because u didn’t have antibodies and he was the last person u had sex with till eventually he antibodies showed up

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Hi everyone, don't even know where to start completely freaking out in the past 3 days I have been having symptoms of herpes at first it was my balls that felt like they were on fire then the day after that the shaft of my penis begin to itch and burn & it gradually got worse so bad that night before last it woke me up in the middle of the night it literally felt like my penis was on fire theres really not much of a rash tho that I can see skin just seems to have a weird texture to it but no visible bumps so far & I have one eye that is red so it's really freaking me out have never dealt with anything like this before & I don't know if this has something to do with it as well but a couple months back my penis seemed to lose pigment near the head to where its shit wish instead of the flesh color that concerned me but there was no pain associated with it if anyone can give me some feedback it would be so greatly appreciated honestly feel like I could jump off a cliff...

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